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  1. Since I started tane my scars HAVENT faded at all...I know this drug isnt supposed to hlp fade scars, but normal skin regeneration is what gets rid of old scarring.............also they appear soo red....my whole face is EXTREMELY red...is there anything i can do to help with this? When can i start lasers and peels?? so angry and sad that i still have a LONG way after im done tane in 2 weeks!
  2. Hi guys! I am almost done my 6month course and during the last 2 months I have been having REALLY REALLY bad IBS....I have tons of water, fibre..healthy diet...but it doesnt help. Fibre actually makes it worse. I finally discovered (by accident) something called WHITE TEA...its bascially like green tea but alot more antioxidant.... The first time I had it, I had to run to the washroom...I didnt even know it was the tea..but after having it 10x I realized a pattern...try to have a VERY STRO
  3. hi sweetie! I wanted to go on accutane for a couple of month but I was going to go for breast augementation so i had to wait until the surgery..........I ended up getting my surgery on AUGUST and I started accutane on SEPTEMBER. My scar was healing right and my skin had EXPLODED with acne like never before. Although I think they say u should wait 6 month AFTER (isince it nterferes with healing, keloid scars, etc). I WAS FINE THOUGH. MY SCAR IS PERFECT (LIGHT PINK). NO KELOID NOTHING. One de
  4. Hey guys, Im on month 3 (@80mg) and my cysts are pretty much gone but I have TONS of red scars....I was thinking about ordering this BIOSKINCARE cream (www.bioskincare.com) thats supposed to work great on fading red marks AND can be used while on this treatment....but its pretty expensive ($50) and Im not sure how well it works...has anyone tried it? ALSO this is what Im thinking of trying but not sure if it will be too harsh on my skin? (I dont mind peeling by the way...) -Bakng soda -Apple
  5. Helloooooo guys! Wondering if I can use Tazorac gel or maybe differin to help reduce my redmarks? Im on my 3rd month of tane but want to get a head start with getting rid of my stupid red scars!! i just want to look perfect when my six month mark strike or maybe i'll just have to wait....
  6. Just looking for something that I can use while im in the shower (5-15 minutes)...a mask that will leave my skin looking healthier.............I am currently on 80mg of tane so my skin is somewhat sensitive....is there anything very natural out there that u guys could recommend me?? something made of natural ingredients, not pharmacy?? would appreaciate any help xoxo
  7. Like I said im 1/2 way through month 3 and im on a relatively high dose for my weight (135). Im not even putting on moisturizer (according to my derm i shouldnt wear any!).........my face is not peeling!! i feel like the med isnt working...maybe this has to do with the fact that i dont ingest it with a fatty meal? also what do u guys think about NOT moisturizing while on 'tane?? doesnt seem right to me..at all.....i mean its winter, and i should be protecting my skin... any advice/opinions
  8. hey! thanks! if it worked for me in only 1.5 month im sure it will work for you in a matter of a couple more weeks!! how bad is your acne? whats your dosage? good luck for you!! ps-make sure to drink lots of water and maintain a healthy diet, and remember some people see improvement right away! :dance: :drool:
  9. I am posting pics so you all can see how bad my acne got. These pics were taken the day before I started accutane. And I am posting a before pic of when my skin was clear/under control. http://s33.photobucket.com/albums/d87/maria_19/ACNE/ password: acnedotorg I am currently on my 2nd month, and I must say my acne has improved alot! My cysts and inflamation (pus, etc) are gone, my skin is feeling smoother and I have just some small pimples (which dry fast, so its not a big deal)......my skin is
  10. http://s33.photobucket.com/albums/d87/maria_19/ACNE/ password: acnedotorg Hello guys Just wanted to introduce myself, I am 21 years old and I have been suffering with acne for quite a bit. I guess my acne started when I was 16, it was very mild though...nothing antibiotics wouldnt fix. So this is when I was prescribed MINOCYCLIN and a prescription topical called BENZAMYCIN.....welll I did that routine for about 6month, my acne was gone, my skin was flawless...........about 1 year later it re
  11. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT Go on TAZORAC!!!!!!!!!!!1 please It was the worst mistake, the worst thing I have ever put on my skin...........i was on it for 1 month (or 1 and 1/2)...........I went to the TOP dermatologist here in Montreal, VERY well known in the city,,, and he told me he has never presribed this stuff!! that should tell u something. i wish I would have consulted with HIM before going on this shit! my advice is try something else but not this!
  12. I think it does sound like alot..........2 x morning, 2 x night.................a total of 1000mg/day for the first WEEK or TWO...... Has any1 else done this?
  13. Im currently on Minocycline...acutally I have been on it for about 3 years on and off.........works great at first...then its not that effective anymore but it STILL does work............ I am wondering if there is anything out there better? I havent tried Doxy which I hear alot about.... In your expereinces, is it a good idea to change antibiotics, to see if oneill work better then the otehr? Which one really helps control acne ? Thanx for any feedback