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  1. Oh my goodness, I totally missed this somehow. I’m sorry @Zoops Two years later, you may not even need the recommendations anymore, but maybe someone else will, so I will respond anyways. Food sensitivities for me include dairy (big time!), eggs, peanuts, and tomatoes. My understanding is that these are foods that many can be highly sensitive to. Dairy and tomatoes both upset my digestive system as well, but eggs and peanuts tend only to show on my skin. Going to dinner with friends is dif
  2. MissBiscuit

    What to do/not to do

    What to do/not to do

    (Jump to *** for what I did that worked to treat cysts) I got two random cysts on my chin right next to one another. I hadn’t had one in a long while, so I couldn’t remember what to do with them. I panicked and reacted by applying a lot of heat and packing on sulfur spot treatment constantly for a couple of days. One came to a head, but barely anything came out and it just closed back up again, red and angry as ever. My boyfriend told me that he would prefer to see the red spots than the Su
  3. So if I've never mentioned it before, I have the memory of a goldfish. So proven in the fact that I started to break out along my neck again, googled how to clear it, came across this posting and realised only after reading it that it was written by myself. I realised that somewhere along the way I had started eating eggs again - three a day, to be exact. Needless to say, after finding my own advice online, I stopped eating eggs yet again and my neck has started to clear up so quickly!
  4. So for several years, my neck would break out like mad. Cysts, whiteheads, you name it. Being a bit of gypsy, I found it peculiar that it only really happened when I was living in my home town on the coast of Canada. Coast of Australia? Nada. Coast of England? Clear as day. In the Rockies? Crystal clear! But as soon as I came back, without fail, my neck would be a busy beehive of acne. To this day, I haven't been able to find out what the root cause of that is, but I finally found a way to clea
  5. How has it been going, Roboholic7? Noticing any changes with your diet change and sulphur? I wasn't able to find any cook books for the aforementioned issue, so I've just done a low GI (glycemic index) diet. Unfortunately I keep caving and eating a sweet or drinking a coffee once in a while, but those are always the times my neck flares up again. It hasn't been 100% perfect yet, but much better. I also went to a spa and got a professional facial (specific for acne prone skin). My skin was mu
  6. Following up two and a half weeks later. I've done my best to stay away from all of the foods on the aforementioned histamine list, and my neck and jawline have all but cleared up, except for one of my cysts. The one that is left is old and on its way back from whence it came, but it's just taking a little longer to go down. So the real take away here is: No new breakouts Existing breakouts cleared up Aside from avoiding histamine-rich foods, my cleansing regimen is: I clean
  7. (moderators, please do not move this from the general acne discussion forum) Hey Guys! So my darling mother has always spent way too much time on scouring through Google and watching Dr Phil to diagnose herself with any number of things, and it drives me nuts. She's tried to diagnose me with all sorts ever since I could remember, but within the last year, I became very firm with her about not doing that anymore. One of the last things she had brought up before my 'ban' was "histamine intoler
  8. I'm afraid I can't be of much help in regards to how to treat the acne. My spots are easily 10+ times the size of your spots and on my neck and jawline, so it's a different kind altogether. But! I have read that you can still have PCOS if you have regular periods. I'm thinking I might have this as well, but still need to look into it further. I don't know how much here is accurate (I haven't looked into it further yet), but the other day I came across this guy discussing the different types of P
  9. Whoa! No one has responded to this yet? Strange! Growing up, I had acne any place it wanted to be, but these days my face is comparatively clear to what it was. I rarely get cysts on my face these days, but my neck...oh my neck. I've read a lot of things saying that neck and jawline (which is what I have going on) is hormone related. Could be? But what I have noticed for myself is that some foods definitely make it worse. For example, I got a bag of peanut m&m's and munched on those duri
  10. Hey JackAlfonso! Sorry for the ridiculously late reply! It's been a pretty crazy year for me, to say the least. Did you get any of the infini done since you wrote this? Yours scars don't look bad to me at all, even in the harsh lighting from your realself posting! I bet you'll heal up quite nicely Hey Jess822 - you know, I wish I had the answer to that. I have wondered that often myself. It's funny because before getting the rolling scars worked on more, I didn't realise how many icepick an
  11. Alright! So these pictures look really backwards. The first one here is actually the before shot; the second one is of immediately after the procedure; and the last one is from today (4 days post-subcision). Apparently in the last photo, I finally found lighting that accentuates the true beast that is my scarring. It really accentuates the icepicks and boxcars that are still looming about. Part of me really wanted to retake the photo to give a better comparison (since honestly, if I didn't know
  12. Hey y'all! So I had an appointment yesterday with the 'new' doctor. My main reasoning was because he is situated closer to me, so it cut the travel from something like 8 hours of travelling by bus, ferry, boat and foot, to a quick 15 minutes by taxi. I'm still feeling out whether or not it was really worth it, though. My consultation was with the nurse. She seemed really...fake. Like one of those girls you would see at Sephora - all done up with a lot of make-up, big hair, skirt with a sli
  13. Firstly, it sounds like you're experiencing some anxiety. You're worrying about a future that hasn't even presented itself as a possibility yet. I want you to have a read over this (I know it looks long, but trust me, it helps): https://www.ntu.ac.uk/student_services/document_uploads/107734.pdf Because nothing I can say will truly help unless you are in a good place to hear it, I think you should start by practicing those exercises in there. Secondly, most, if not all of us, have read countl
  14. Uh oh. I see a lot of people panicking here. It's normal and I understand. I remember when I did my first round of subcision, and I went through the same waves. Going back to the beginning of this thread, you can read my panic, and even with this last round of subcision! There's something really scary about not being able to read the future to see how our present or past actions will pan out. It's a serious test of patience and faith. I can tell you now that the worst outcome of my subcision s
  15. Hey, thank you! Still some room for improvement, but I'm feeling really good about what's come of it so far! I really can't say how much I believe the progress pictures help. Honestly, without them, I would still just focus on the flaws and assume nothing had changed. How crazy is that?! For needling, I use a 1.5mm dermaroller and 1mm derma pen. The first time, I didn't use any numbing cream, but I found that I wasn't rolling as hard as I could have been. The last couple of times, I used som