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  1. Jordan19 I hate to pop your bubble but no antibiotics will not kill the probiotics you can get from yogurt or supplements. Each different antiobitic is targeted to a specific form of bacteria. Sometimes antiobiotics can have an effect on two different bacteria (like when my acne got slightly better with antibiotics I was taking for a sinus infection). There is no way that antibiotics kill off all bacteria, because there are some certain bacterias that our body must have to function. If every bac
  2. Is anyone here just fed up with antibiotics? I know I'm still a newbie compared to everyone but after two months I amalready sick of having constant headaches and worrying about my health. I take lots of probiotics and I have noticed no difference, like not even a bit. Because I school and workin the health industry every time I mentioned I have been on antibiotics for two months people just ask why with a scared look on their face. I think because I know the horrible damage they can do I am jus
  3. I don't know about other people here but I just don't trust my face to other people....whether or not they have been doing facials for years, I just feel uncomfortable when I here about ALOT of the horror stories. Plus why pay a rediculous amount for something you can easily do yourself. Their products may be more ritzy but I have totally found that that's not always better. I just use a good exfoliator (sometimes I even just use oats and honey mixed together) and then follow it with good old QH
  4. hey guys, I'm just wondering about EM concealers. I tried their multitasking concealer but it is far too dark for me. I was looking at the pink pick me up one or even the sunlight color corrector. I know niether of these are specificly made for the actual pimples, but does anyone know if these would work ok on VERY pale skin?
  5. Well I think I have cyctic then cause as you can see by my pics I have TONS of scars. I really don't know though because I don't think they quite match your descriptions. I wil definately ask my derm when I go next but thats not till January!
  6. I just thought you guys would want to see the many products that are going to be added to the aubrey sample lineup! Thanks for your inquiry Erin. The concealers have been added to the .99 cent sample category. Had been planning to do this for a while. Also please note that we are in the process of adding many more shades and colors for our foundations, eye shadows, blushes, finishing silks AND concealers. They will probably be online within a week or two. Also there will be sample “k
  7. Can anyone tell me how the finishing dust holds up to oil? I am still a little shiney about mid day and I would love it if I could go a whole day without blotting!
  8. I'mjust wondering what other Canadians are being charged for shipping. When I went to the checkout on the main homepage for the 6 samples I picked out the shipping came to like $13! I wanted to try this brand out but with my student budget I can't justify paying twice the total just for shipping. Did anyone else find this?
  9. I know it may seem really stupid to ask here but for the longest time I though I had cystic acne. I don't know why but I always just assumed that they were the zits that hurt. But recently I have been hearing two things that make me think that I don't have cystic acne. Sometimes I get the painful ones but often they are in painful areas such as the jaw or between the eyebrows. Some people on here say they have painful pustules (or whatever they are) but they don't have cystic acne. I also heard
  10. Well I have to start by saying I got my samples!! yay! lol Thankfully there weren't any other poblems that I was aware of! Anyway I tried the light concealer and the fair foundation. I don't think it covered my redness too well and so I tried abit of the fair nuetral. It does look better but I am not quite sure really what the solution is. Is it possible that I need a yellow foundation to counter the extreme redness or did I maybe not put enough concealer or foundation on. I'm sorry if I'm kinda
  11. Well guys I just got an email telling me my order was shipped, so I guess now all I have to do is wait...bah!! Well at least I know they are somewhere on their way! I'll post once I try them out!
  12. yah it's really weird.I keep checking my email to see if I got one and there is nothing. I know sometimesmy email is slow but after 2 weeks I am beginning to think that nothing has happened. And I keep writing comments on their contact us page but after 4 days no one has answered me. I'm not bad mouthing them at all cause I know they have alot of customers for their size,but I am soexcited to try mineral makeup and its such a let down each day when I don't have a package in the mail.
  13. sorry I didn't specify but I was referring to my dealings with EM...sorry
  14. I don't know if anyone else has had this problembut I have been waiting for about 2 weeks and I have yet to hear if my order was even verified. I ordered the sample kit and I haven't gotten an email or anything. I have left them two comments in the past few days with no responses and I'm just wondering if I should continue to wait or just try somewhere else? I really want to try EM, however if it takes this long just to find out how long will it take to ship it?!
  15. Ok so yesterday I had my second derm appointment to see how my progress was coming along with Tazorac (its been one month). Anyway, this really pretty young nurse (who by the way uses tazorac!) asks me how everything has been going over the month and so I tell her about the problem that I had with their skincare line(Topix). I tell her that I had to stop because the cleanser was pretty drying even though it said non-drying, but the worst part was the toner that had 50% SDA and acetone in it. I