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  1. its not that i trust accutane.. its my derm... u know how many doc's give some medicine that looks like its helping but is actually meant to make stuff worse so they can make more money.... so u guys are saying accutane is good and my derm isnt those evil money wanters?
  2. about 3 months ago.. i got a checkup and he gave me some samples to use.... he gave me this Retin-A Micro (tretinoin gel) and told me to put it on everyday at night.... so about 2 months later.... he said my face is starting to form depresions and scars..... so he said i should now go under acutine.... and acutines gana cost me 450 bucks a month.... they're like pills that reduce my oil gland... so is he trusting?
  3. ok on my nose.. its oily and FULL of blackheads but there are times i get like big red things on it and it hurts if i liek lightly touch it.....what is this? and i bought this Neutrogena product... its the Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask... after i started using it.. i started to get big white heads on my face.. is this product a scam or what?