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  1. Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Dr. Kucy Pon Sunnybrook Dermatology (Cosmetic) I was able to get referred to her cosmetic clinic, request specifically TCA-cross and I've had success with her. https://sunnybrook.ca/team/member.asp?t=19&page=24071&m=467
  2. Thanks Liberte As a follow up, I might as well post on here for anyone wondering. Continued to take spironolactone and topical aczone for about a year now and my acne is so under control, I'm quite happy. I can really consider scar treatment so I consulted my dermatologist about it, asked about anyone who does TCA cross (she had never heard of it before), but she referred me to someone she really recommended who does cosmetic at Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto. I asked that TCA cross be re
  3. 10 years of cystic acne later in finally getting pretty stable and considering treatment for scarring. Onset at 13/14, I had 6 months accutane at 16, BCP, topical cream and antibiotics throughout until it went out of control again at 21/22 leading to another 5 month course of tane. Earlier this year at 23 I was confirmed diagnosis of PCOS which explains all the hormonal cystic breakouts. Now I'm on 100mg of spironolactone and things have been under control! I've always had to forego the scar
  4. Congrats on finishing school, my convocation is less than a week away I actually just finished my course of accutane, the doc put me on the four months alternating 40/80.. I took the last pill today but I still have nodules that have been persistent and havent budged... Face is clear, only real symptoms are dry lips, lower back ache and hip ache now. Should I ask for another month...? I know accutane stays in your system for a couple weeks... I'm happy with the results but I wish it had been
  5. Glad to hear you're doing well! I grabbed a bunch of supplements, and I think I've been doing better. I grabbed also carmex and eucerin/aquaphor. My skin peels quite a bit by the end of the day but I think overall the sideffects haven't been that much worse than the first time around. My eyes are insanely dry though. I've given up on contacts, and I'm afraid how permanent this side effect might be because I'm pretty sure the first course had something to do with my eyes being always dry.
  6. Hey, how is your 3rd month going? I'm also a college senior, on my second course. First time round was in 2006. I'm 21 now Thank you for the supplement list!! I'll be grabbing some milk thistle and flax seed oil. My side effects have not been too bad, I looked back at my log from the first course and by the third week I already had back pain and trouble sleeping at night... the most annoying thing I've got now is a cut on the corners of my lip that sting every time I open my mouth and con
  7. Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I've read up on these boards. tl;dr: Is second course of accutane different from your first? What things shold be done differently? What have you learned from the first course to do for the next time around? My first course of accutane was 5-6 years ago, 2006 when I was 16; I had moderate/severe cystic acne, and it cleared up OK, but not completely after 5 months. My derm took me off after that even though I kind of wanted to continue to complet
  8. I've just started accutane and I'm afraid I might get the breakout while school is beginning But then again... my acne might be starting to get better? I hope.! I'll be glad to see some people again...
  9. If acne is seriously going to deter you from looking adequately presentable... then yeah, make-up could be a solution, albeit temporary. Just use some cover-up before the interview. The make-up section should give you some tips if you plan on going that way. If not, then don't worry too much about the acne. Dress accordingly, keep good hygiene.. try to look your best and smile As you said; acne really matter in the interview, but if your insecurity shows because of it.. it might be a fac