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  1. glad to see so many metal hedz in here...eventhough this isn't a musik forum. rock on guys /
  2. Life sux and then u die.......and u guys need to be a little less cocerned about fucking random chicks! rock on /
  3. i would go with the C+C blackhead scrub and then the continuous control, supposedly that works for a lot of people
  4. dude tazorac (not to mention many other derm. products) fucked my skin up big time....i swear the only thing u should take from a dermatologist is accutane otherwise you're better off using over the counter products rock on /
  5. the humidity and heat is a bitch in the middle east and that combined with the extreme sun is a deadly combo........so yeah it does have to do with where u live...for u i guess :-s
  6. hey guys metal rulz / .......anywho....does exercise really help clear up acne by opening the pores and giving the face oxygen?
  7. I named this post after the band =D>...........good band what do u think? p.s.-u guys can also answer my original question.
  8. hey melancholy i can totally relate....when my acne clears up im like really hyper and like superwoman....in fact everyone thinks im Bipolar because of it !
  9. hey guys i have inflammatory acne which seems way harder to control than anti-inflammatory (which is when u just get blackheads and stuff).......but for many reasons i cant go on accutane (and my acne isnt really cystic anyways) does anyone know of any products that arent to harsh that r effective in keeping inflammatory acne under control?
  10. hey guys one quick question, i was thinking about using noxzema cream just to remove makeup.....but im afraid it could aggravate my acne? Has anyone on here used noxzema and if u have let me know how its worked for u....or let me know how its worked for u! thanks!
  11. can u guys tell me what exactly happens when u pick at your face? Is it normal to break out really bad after stopping acne medication? And is vaseline really good as a moisturizer?
  12. Acne makes me feel like im subhuman and shit i cant stand it, its so annoying cuz its something that has control over me and i never feel like i have control. I swear i cant do anything even the things i love without obsessing about my skin, its sad but i really dont care much about anything anymore. No one tell me to just get over it or move on it doesn't fuckin work that way.
  13. Mojque I like your bitterness and obsessive self-hatred u are so much like me, it was comforting to read your post. U and me could make one good couple.......but u might not think i look good enough...i dunno.
  14. Help my skin is painfully dry during the winter, but everytime i use a moisturizer it makes me break out badly. Does anyone know of moisturizers that won't make u break out? (dont suggest ceptaphil lotion or neutrogena ive already tried that). Also can washing your skin with a washcloth agrravate acne? please help.......thanks my fellow acne sufferers.