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  1. what place in michigan are you referring to? are they supposed to be particularly good?
  2. my skin turned like this after I went too heavy with benzoyl peroxide. I'm pretty sure it's just irritation, it shouldn't be permanent at all, although it took me a couple weeks-months to get back to my normal. go slow with the tretinoin if you have to, maybe even once a week to start. an dont use more than the directions say!!! can't emphasize that enough. it really is good for your skin, has done wonders for mine. But you dont want to go too hard too fast and cause irritation. tretinoin and al
  3. it hasnt cured them, but epiduo (retin a + benzoyl peroxide) has drastically shrunken my pores. its been slow though. been using it for about 9 months now nightly. but my skin tone is sooo much better. i attribute it to the retinoid. still have a good deal of scarring but for whatever reason my pores had become huge and i had a true orange peel texture which is much better now. hope that helps
  4. bump. anyone heard anything more about this? i know that it's available in europe!
  5. this is a lot how my skin looks too. its really frustrating. i was on accutane like 5 years ago. i dont think its directly from that, but who knows? i can say that ive been on retin a for the past 6 months and it definitely looks better than it did beforehand. It has kind of made the pores smaller and maybe a bit less raised up. wish i could offer any more help besides that. curious as well to hear what others say. maybe posting these to realself where you can get a doctors answers would be a
  6. keep us posted! couple questions: did you use the timer feature or just do it on your own? also, is 1.5 too aggressive for temples?
  7. yea, if it works like some of the people say it does it would be amazing.... im always skeptical though, seems like something new is always coming along. I think a bit ago everyone was hyping up picosure, and now I hear nothing about it. But fingers crossed!
  8. i just got the derminator. if you do the circles, are you just using the clock feature to know how long to do it for? or is there a method for how long to do it? trying to figure this all out... also, are you guys doing the needling dry? or do you put something on the face to help gliding while needling?
  9. what is your guys' general downtime with after stamping at 2-2.25 mm?? also, how many passes are you typically doing? great thread, thanks for all the info
  10. how is your skin now after the cross? mostly healed or do you still have residual marks?
  11. Almost 2 months in betwen is very slow thats why i want to try the Tca cross what was the downtime like? also, did you do it yourself or go to a derm/clinic?
  12. your body temp is lowest at night/morning and rises during the day. so skin will look less red when you wake up
  13. murad alam is at northwestern as well but he charges upwards of $1000 a session. I have not done it, but have looked into it. All i've heard of are alam and lakeview
  14. BlueDog88


    from my fairly limited research, it seems to be a great option for the right scars and by the right doc. seems like there's a lot of variability in it, though, which makes a lot of variability between dr. to dr. someone posted a youtube video a while ago with dr rappaport talking about it, worth a watch