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  1. Well, 3 weeks later I'm completely clear and have been for about 2 weeks, EXCEPT for some cysts that I had from before I went on this stuff. What's that stuff that they shoot cysts with? Is that remotely affordable ($50 a shot or less) without insurance? These cysts have no heads so I have no way of getting rid of them and one is right between my eye and the bridge of my nose, you know that area that dips in... Anyway they're not painful but quite large. Is there any other way to get rid of
  2. Perhaps but that doesn't change that fact that I could barely afford that on top of all of the other stuff that's going on in my life now. Anyway I won't need it. Either the Differin or Duac is making my acne go away. I'm already at 50% of what I had before I started 2 days ago (plus I've been wearing make up and I'm PMSing - when my acne usually flares up). The antibiotics should begin to kick in in a week or so. I might skip the birth control too. This seems to be working on it's own.
  3. My dermatologist started me on a few different prescriptions yesterday: Differin, Duac and Doryx. She wants to start me on Accutane but I HAVE to be on birth control first because God knows they can't take my word on the fact that I'm not going to get pregnant. So I have to get birth control, be on that for 30 days and then she wants me to come in in about 6 weeks and get on Accutane. All in all this will likely cost me at least $150 a month seeing as I don't have insurance, so since $130 of
  4. I have the same problem. My skin's been pretty bad for the past 6 months or so and I haven't had a regular period for that time (sometimes 3 in a month, but never too few.) And no, I don't have insurance, that's why I don't have it checked out.
  5. Anyone know of something that would really cleanse the palate of ACV? I just tried to drink a tablespoon in a glass of water but couldn't, so I was thinking maybe I could do a tablespoon quickly and then switch to something that would rid my mouth of the AVC taste. Know of anything? I would REALLY appreciate it. I know I'm being a baby.
  6. Yay, a fellow Pumpkins freak. I'm going to try the ACV for the red marks. the stuff just smells so bad I gave up on it quickly when I started it a while ago.
  7. A few weeks ago I had a pimple above my upper lip on the left, I woke up the next morning with my upper lip swollen - but only on the left. So I figured it was a coincidence; took some anti-inflammatories and it went down over the rest of the day and was normal the next morning. But I had this really painful but small pimple below my lower lip on the right last night, and it was too painful to deal with, so I left it alone. I woke up this morning with my lower lip, on the right, swollen. I h
  8. For quick visual results: aspirin mask. Just crunch up an aspirin pill and add a few drops of water to make a paste. It's an anti-inflammatory, so naturally, it would cause inflammation to reduce. But, it's not something that will actually heal it, it'll just make it not very noticeable until you get rid of it with something else.
  9. I was on Alesse in 2004 and I was quite, quite clear, only a pimple or two. That's rare for me too, and nothing else gives me those results. I have an appointment for the 17th to get back on Alesse.