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  1. I hope you're doing good :)

  2. Where are you, Evita?

  3. Eva <33 You havent been on in a while, and I was just wondering how you've been doing. I miss ya :(

    btw I tried calling you tonight, and Im pretty sure you said it was a wrong number lol :P

  4. Ugh, working sucks.

    Are you doing reading the book yet???

  5. Ugh. 4 hours of sleep last night. As you probably guessed, I'm feeling great right now. (And I'm just about to leave for work.)

    How's little Harry doing?

  6. hahaha tell me if it's good

  7. I'm not going to be available tonight because of HP!!! So excited!

  8. hahaha. Damn. Speaking of joy, i go to work at 3:30. :o

  9. I was up til 4 and my mom woke me up at 10 so I could finish sewing some stuff. Life is joyful.

  10. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

  11. PPS. 4 AM is pretty damn late. I bet you're feeling very awake and refreshed right now. :P

  12. Damn, i missed you. what the fuck. :(

    PS. Inbox cleared. :)

  13. I've taken BCP for two years and never had to have one.