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  1. Her assistance does it and shes pretty good. She treated the doctor herself and does more fraxel treatment then her... Yes I do have deep scars. Tons of icepick pores and jagged depressions on my face. The doctor told me that the secret to treating asian skin is low density. I forgot to ask about total energy output and surface area. I'll definitely ask when I go in next month. Yea im going to ask her about treating me at 15 MJ and get more coverage.
  2. I went in for my second fraxel treatment today with Dr. Parker, her assistance did the treatment as usual. She finally got the zimmer cooling machine and it definitely help a lot with the pain. She doesn't do pain block injections no more. Settings were 20 mj - 125 density. I have to say that I've seen a 6% improvement with my first treatment but its only been a month so far space apart. Hopefully a couple months down the road I see a much more improvement with each treatment. I plan on do
  3. Wow you have the exact same scars as me but mines a little more severe. I have indentations and need restaylene to plump them up. I got my scar pores from dermasanding. I remember having a bunch of white heads on my face after surgery, when they fell off my skin, my face had a lot of large scar pores. My nose is terrible with many ice picks and wide scars. I've been trying to find out how to minimize my scar pores. I tried doing TCA 50% on my pores but they got worst. I also did needlin
  4. Yes I have that feeling and it's been 3 weeks now but its starting to go away. I feel it when I wash my face. Troubleface, how many treatments have you had? Does the tingling come each time and then go away each time? Thanks. I have one treatment only. I will be having my second treamtment on dec 16.
  5. Yes I have that feeling and it's been 3 weeks now but its starting to go away. I feel it when I wash my face.
  6. Thanks for the link and info. Yea I will definitely ask next time for a sheet with stat.
  7. Fraxel really does help smooth out scars but this doctor is also after your money. You probably won't even need 5 treatments if your scar is not severe. You should shop around for cheaper prices. You should read up on the fraxel thread.
  8. Yea I mean Pass when they go across 1 area of your face but in my incase she did full face. I guess I misunderstood the terminology. Basically she went up and down on each side of my face, then she did an overlap of that going left to right or right to left. So basically pass means each stroke of laser. Ok I think I got it, don't remember my exact passes then. I did full face and also got and overlap done then. :think:
  9. I wasn't for sure on the terminology but I heard her saying that low density for Asian Skin is good, does anyone know what she means by this? I had only 2 passes done one going horizontal and one going vertical on my face, does anyone know if increase passes actually help? I wanted to do more passes to my face next time I see her, I mean to get effective treatment that breaks up acne scar you need very aggressive treatment I assume. Just two passes at 20 mj at low density doesn't seem too agg
  10. I just got back from my fraxel treatment. She did 20 mj, low density because I have asian skin and 2 passes full face. I can't tell you how painful it is even with the injections. I was in so much pain I curl my toes, tense up and I was squeezing two balls she gave me. The first pass was really painful, but the second pass was less painful for some odd reason. I kept telling myself no pain no gain to make it through. Gonna go lay down my face feel like its burning.
  11. I'm having Fraxel done this saturday by the same doctor Kooky went to. Her assistance will be doing the procedure, her assistance also did the doctor face w/ spot treatments at 20 and 30 mj. She told me I had a lot of icepick scars and will treat me aggressively at 20 mj hopefully I see some results. Although I am not expecting too much results,i'm hoping for 10~15% and i'll be satified. I'm sort of afraid of the pain now, since kooky said it was real painful at 20 mj......
  12. I was using it overnight but my private parts were peeling. So I stop using it overnight. I say its a good product if you use it 30 minutes max on your face.
  13. How much was the cost compare to fraxel?
  14. This sounds interesting, you think it would break up icepick also?
  15. Did you feel like your pores got bigger after dermabrasion? Cuz my pores seem noticebly bigger than before. Also how long did it take before the redness fade away? What regimen did you use after 1 month of dermabrasion? Any type of moisturizer anything? What type of sunblock did you use? Because everytime i apply sunblock, I use (Neurtogena sunblock sp45) it makes my face very red but when i wake up in the morning my face is pink. My doc sucks i hope i didn't messed up my face, cuz i feel like