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  1. I definitely went through the same thing, it broke out horribly the first 2 months, and continuted to break out kind of bad my third month. Im currently about to enter month 4, still worse then when i started and i had mild acne. my face looks a mess right now. Very very depressing
  2. Hello everyone, so I started accutane June 20, 2015. I am currently on day 89 and will begin my fourth month in two days. I am feeling a little down because my face has only gotten worse. Before accutane my face was mild, a lot of red marks but not too many active pimples at a given time. These last 3 months my face exploded. Really need some hope. Will it heal rapidly in these last 3 months? Will try to keep a log starting month 4. Any hope? Has anybody lost hope the first 3 months and have
  3. Were you completely clear before? How long was it before it got really bad? How old were you when you started applying things? Sorry just trying to compare my situation.
  4. I went to the doctor and he just described it as a very mild acne, he prescribed BP but i didnt use it as im trying to let it heal naturally. Im only 17 so hopefully its just hormones acting up and will go away within the next few months.
  5. I didn't use any "acne" medicine except Clearsil and that was one time, after it burned my skin I never used it again. In specific, all I did was wash it with bar soap a few times, shampoo once or twice, and baby wipes after playing basketball. Its been 4 months since I put anything on it. And it is getting worse but nothing too serious. No cysts or anything, just regular mild acne and whiteheads. Also have some blackheads but not too worried about them. Do you think it will progressively get s
  6. can you explain to me how it developed please. I hope It does not get severe. I really doubt it will as right now it is kind of mild.
  7. 4 Months ago my face was beautiful, 9/10 no acne and it glowed perfectly. Fast forward 4 months, and I have become a whole new person. My face went to from no acne to bad mild acne, the whole right side of my face looks nasty with red marks. scars, and bumps. I look completely different. Thats not the point though, the point is I think I gave myself acne. 4 months ago I noticed small little bumps, so tiny no one can even notice. But in my head I had to get rid of them. In doing so, I did ma