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  1. Lol Im not having sex at the moment! Control my brain?!? Thanks for the replies guys, any idea where I can get spironolactone in the UK? xx
  2. OK I'm losing the battle and wondered if anyone can suggest something else to try? Here's what Ive already tried: BP (inc. following Dan's regime) Retin-A Freederm Topical antibiotics oral antibiotics Salicylic acid Glycolic acid wash & peels....and STILL I have spots & cysts!! Ive had a bad reaction to accutane & can't afford to see a derm. I eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, my hormone levels have tested normal, I dont have polycystic ovaries....and Im past the teens (
  3. Please dont shout at me everyone but I would say stop the antibiotics asap!! Unless your emotional wellbeing is seriously affected by your acne, I'd recommend trying everything else before resorting to tablets. I was on antibiotics for 6 months for my skin, and Ive never felt well since (constant fatigue, headaches). Give Dan's regime a try if you havent already - good luck! CHARISPINA - thanks for your comments, I have tried Dan's approach unfortunately without much success, and have
  4. Boots.com have an oxygen pen on special offer - has anyone used one and has it helped clear spots? I think similar products are called Dermawand and Oxy-something! I'd like to buy one before the offer ends, but will wait for feedback first Thanks
  5. Im thinking of getting the oxygen pen from Boots - just wondering how you are getting on with it? Is it helping?
  6. I have been following Dr Dubrow's regimen (salicylic, glycolic, ice pack, bp) for 5 weeks and am at a crossroads! I had a major breakout initially but was reassured that this was just purging and would soon clear up. However after 5 weeks I just seem to be getting more and more spots (fewer cysts than before, but more whiteheads even in new places). Everyone says glycolic can cause breakouts to begin with, but how long should this last? Should I persevere or stop before I get even more scars
  7. Thanks for your comments. Ive now been following the regimen for 5 weeks and my skin is still getting worse. I have much fewer cysts but more whiteheads, even in places Ive never had them before such as my cheeks! I really dont know what to do, I so hoped this would help after reading the great reviews. Is it just prolonged purging or should I stop for good? I really appreciate your advice...
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, I will keep a note of it and give it a go. Im still persevering with the glycolic acid & the initial breakout has cleared up... however, I was just about to open the champagne when yesterday yet another cyst appeared. Its only one at the moment so I'm gonna wait & see. I paid a lot of money for the only glycolic product I could find (12% strength) so Im not giving up just yet
  9. Just been reading through some posts and noticed that a lot of people exfoliate with cloths or scrubs....I was always told not to as it just aggravates the condition, making pores inflamed and more likely to be clogged. I use glycolic etc instead but my skin's still flaky and Im tempted to exfoliate. What do you think?
  10. Sorry if this has been covered before, but just wondered how long I should wait after applying bp to moisturize? Im worried it will affect the efficiency of the bp if i put it on too soon, but the bp dries out my skin straight away which starts up the oil factory! Thanks
  11. Hi all, just joined Was wondering... Ive just started following the regime described in Dr Dubrow's book 'The Acne Cure' (Salicylic acid wash then glycolic wash & moisturiser/sunblock in mornings, salicylic followed by cold compress then benzoyl peroxide in evenings). Its been 3 days and Im starting to get a major break-out! Has anyone else tried this approach? Should I persevere and hope it'll improve or stop before things get worse?? Dr Dubrow recommends 6 weeks with immediate impr