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So far so good
I have been using this in conjunction with Lush's tea tree toner and Sudocrem (zinc cream) for only two weeks and I can't complain, I normally wake up with new breakouts every morning but since using this morning/night I haven't had any new spots, my face gets quite itchy and inflamed around my trouble areas and this calms it right down and takes the sting out (it contains calamine which is a natural skin calmant, the main ingredient in calamine is zinc). It smells great, it's natural, it lasts

By lilianware,

Lush just know
I have been using this after cleansing with Lush's Fresh Farmacy soap/cleanser and Ultrabland as a makeup remover, I haven't had a breakout since (I only started this regime two weeks ago and I normally wake up with multiple new spots). It's light, antibacterial, cheap, smells wonderful and does the job. Highly recommend in conjunction with Fresh Farmacy.

By lilianware,

Nausea and Lymecycline
Been taking Lymecycline for about a week, I've had acne on and off for the last ten years (now 22) and it recently got very bad due to stress and despite feeling better in myself the acne has stayed. I have terrible red scarring all across my cheeks, jawline and forehead. Over the last ten years you can imagine I have tried everything from zinc to birth control, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, witch hazel, everything in Boots (UK), natural remedies, the list is endless. I went to my GP and she

By lilianware,