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  1. Could they be razor bumps? I used to get small red bumps all the time from shaving against the grain and not using moisturizer afterwards. Also using poor cream and dull razors, they were exactly like what you explained...
  2. Accutane helps in the large majority of cases actually, so my doubt in it is very limited... And actually they have healed up mostly and haven't produced more oil since like I used to which is good! But I'm getting more in other spots, also my back pain and lips are getting worse
  3. Okay, so I recently started Accutane (40mg a day 135 lbs, 9th pill today) I have mild acne, but it's on the high end of mild. It hasn't went away much with anything else. That's why I'm now on my 5 months of Accutane. I'm already breaking out, I already have extremly dry lips, and dry skin is coming fast! My back hurts like crazy, and I'm always tired! And I was just wondering what I should do and when should I expect this stuff to subside a little... And if my initial break out could be this ea