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  1. so i got the probiotics and the fiber, ive been on it for about 3 days and i have noticed i dont think ive gotten any new zits/cystic acne. I am currently on the acne.org regimen and it cleared me up about 90-95% i want to get off of benzoyl peroxide because it leaves my face red and i know it can't be good for it, should i wean off of it or do you think i could stop cold turkey and not have a huge breakout because of the fiber and probiotics? thanks for any replies!
  2. I have pretty oily skin and im clear on the acne.org regimin but the benzoyl peroxide makes my face red and i still have oily skin. Still i think its worth it to be almost completely clear but id like to fix the oil and redness problem. Im 17 and had cystic acne when i was 13-15 before i started the acne.org regimin and still get it on my back, do you think this regimin you made would still control the cystic acne (which is very influenced by bacteria)? Currently im using CeraVe foaming cleanser