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  1. Dude your acne isn't that bad, trust me. You've got to keep doing you despite pimples. It will be all gone one day and you will look back and feel silly for worrying so much about red marks on your face. Keep your face clean and keep a happy attitude. You can choose to be happy even if your skin isnt that great. If you can look at yourself and the mirror and truly believe you look good then it wont matter what anyone else could think. Because why worry about whats out of your control?
  2. I've never done anything like this before. this will probably the only time i will do something like this. I just need to get this off my chest.... I always had super clear skin throughout my middle school years and even my first year of high school. Throughout those times, even with CLEAR skin I would say i had low self esteem. I always knew i was handsome deep down, but would obsess over the dumbest flaws about myself. Like how my hair looked, or if my jeans were too skinny. Stupid insi