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  1. Anyone? Someone out there has to have some input on going for a second round...
  2. About 3 years ago I did my 6 months of accutane. It worked really well. But now I starting to get my acne back. As a college student, going on accutane seems to be a hassle. I am transferring within a couple months to a different state. Is it worth starting again? I am afraid it won't work this time. How easy is it going to be to change perscribers during my 2nd course? Anyone have any advice.
  3. Is it normal to have back aches? Or does this have nothing to do with accutane?
  4. My name is Brooke, i am 16 and I just started acutane a few weeks ago. I have a decent amount of acne. They are starting to leave scars so that is why my physician reccomended it. I dont have a dermatologist. So far the only side effects have been the dry lips and eyes. I am super excited to get this going! I am on 20mg a day. I will add pics later. Wish me luck and lets hope this works. I am using the rest of my Proactiv face wash, which didnt work obviously. I uses some avon lotion, not sure
  5. Hey, i have been hanging around here for a few days. I am a 16 year old female. I went to my doctor becuase none of the medication he was giving me helped. I got my first pimple in 3rd grade. It got worse in middle school. Its not horrible. I can cover it with make up but it is starting to scar and i hate looking at myself. So my doc gave me the Ipledge "pamphlet", thats what he called it, it is actuall a BOOK. I am ready for this but my mom is not so sure. It is really nice to see other peopl