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  1. I have been using Taz 0.5% since March AND I'm almost done with Ampicillin. I'm on my last couple weeks and I'm down to 200mg a day. I also went back to using Proactiv. So I use Proactiv cleanser and toner(not everyday) in the morning and then I just cleanse with Pro cleanser at night. I wait about a half hour then I put my Taz on. I've read on some posts that using BP with Taz isn't a good idea but my derm said that it's fine. So far, so good. I'm praying that my skin stays the same. I
  2. I went to Jamaica a couple of weeks ago and was freaking out about what to do with this face. So, I did some reserach on makeup alley.com and a lot of women were raving about Shiseido powder makeup SPF 32. It comes in a blue compact. While in JA I used 15 spf moist (Proactiv, which I will be replacing) and then I put some concealer on for my red marks (they're really red) then i put the Shiseido over it. Now, it wasn't enough SPF and I should have worn a stronger sunscreen under it but whate
  3. I was on Accuatane about 5 or 6 years ago. I'm contemplating going on it in the Fall but now I have gastro problems over the past couple of years and want to know if the Accutane will make the gastritis worse? I have to talk to my doc but you know how they are they don't know anything:) Thanks
  4. Thanks everyone:) I'm going to try the witch hazel. I'm using tazorac so I don't want to use anything else to irritate my skin.
  5. My derm is going to prescribe spiro next. I'm currently taking ampicillin and using taz but after the amp i was thinking of going back on accutane for a second course which I soooo don't wan't to do. So, my derm said she will prescribe me spiro next. I think my acne is definitely hormonal. Your derm can prescribe but probably a lof them don't like to because maybe it's different territory.
  6. Does anyone know a good make up remover that won't break you out? I have real acne, not the occassional pimple so I need something that is gentle to take my makeup off. I'm scared to use anything so I wipe most of my makeup off with a cotton ball before washing. Thanks
  7. How long do you have to be on spiro and what happens afterwards? Is it like Accutane where you will eventually break out again? I went on Accutane 6 years ago and it cleared me up but my acne came back. I don't want to go on it again so I'm trying to find other options. I'm 31 also and have had acne since I was 12 I would like to get rid of it so I can work on these scars!! I'm Scar Face part 2 right now. But I keep breaking out. I'm also using Tazorac for a little over a month. It's hel
  8. This board has helped me so much over the past 9 months. I've read stories that made me laugh and cry. I guess that saying is true, The same things that make you laugh will make you cry (or is it the other way around). Anyway, I feel like I'm finally coming to the point where I can't hide anymore. I'm 31 and I'm so sick of the depression over the way my skin looks. It has affected my social life to the point where I stayed in on weekends and refused to go out. I blamed everyone, God, my mo
  9. Go on Monave.com. I tried their stuff and although I haven't used it as of yet, (my face is still breaking out and I'm scared to try anything new). I tried their samples and they seem to have good coverage. Also, they send you great little samples in jars.
  10. I've been using Estee Lauder for a couple of years and it didn't break me out. It works pretty well. I've recently been battling acne again so I haven't been using it but I'm going to be this summer because I can't really tan so I use the tanner and then put my make up (Clinique powder) over it. Hope this helps:)
  11. In answer to your question, I'm on ampicillin 500 mg (2 a day) then one a day for about 6 months. I just completed the first month. Now, I don't know if it helped as my face was starting to calm down a little. I've been through hell and back with meds over the past 6 months. I tried ortho try pill which SUCKS I was on it for a month and it wreaked havoc on my body then I tried bactrim which is supposed to be good but I was allergic. I tried dorax but it messed my stomach up. Now, im using
  12. I use Prescriptives camouflage cream which works pretty good. I have really red/purple marks and it conceals them for the most part. I also use Clinique stay matte sheer pressed powder over it.
  13. I used this sensitive line with sal acid. It didnt work and made me break out more. I can't use sal acid I found out because I tried Murad after this and it broke me out too. I guess some people can't use sal acid.
  14. Has anyone tried this antibiotic. I am having such a bad time with meds. I took Bactrim for 4 days and then started breaking out in hives. Then she gave me Zithromax, you know the one for 5 days just to see if that would help, got hives from that too. I never broke out in hives from meds before. So now we are going to try Ampicillin. I also tried ortho tricycline which wreaked havoc on my stomach. I already have gastritis so it aggravated it. I tried Dorax 4 months ago and had a stomach