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  1. Good for you, I would have flicked my finger in her face! My problem is no derms to choose from living in the boonies, LOL!!
  2. Ok Ok I'll keep my 36C's and my height although I was taller then most girls before puberty LOL. The Periods I can do without that's for sure!!!
  3. It hit me at 13, I will be on meds for the rest of my life and topicals I'm sure of it, I only pray my boys don't get bad acne or any acne, my hubby just grew out of his when he hit 30 I was so jealous it wasn't fair but anyway I just have to keep plugging along!
  4. God no never it hurts. once I was made fun of right to my face, I had a cyst on my nose and everyone kept calling me a witch with a wart on her nose, I wanted to die, I cried and cried, it really hurt my feelings that people did that, they could have done it behind my back so I didn't have to hear it.
  5. NO no no, I would hate to be clear and then be forced back to having acne for four years!!!!!! Why be happy then have it taken away like that!
  6. lost mine at 16 with the man I'm now married to for the past 16 years
  7. If I had never reached puberty I would not have zits! Dam why couldn't I be a 35 yr old woman who never went thru puberty, then I would have nice clear skin!!!!
  8. I totally agree, I look at people with perfect skin and think geez I'm so jealous. I can't to have a different look each time I break out!! I want off the roller coaster I'm tired of riding it!
  9. Hey I didn't mean my derm was talking about stuff that didn't have anything to do with acne. He would answer as many questions I would throw at him and he took his time and actually looked me over unlike the idiot derm in poconos.
  10. Yeah and they have been there since the beginning of time they aren't causing my acne!!!!! The oil dirt and environment are causing it not to mention every month when I get PMS!!! LOL! Thank you for agreeing with me JennyQ
  11. Within the first two weeks I saw a huge difference with the mino, the topicals I used were cleocin T in the morning and then benzyamicin in the evening, it really worked wonders for me. Especially after giving birth to my first son since I had to deal with such terrible outbreaks and cysts during my pregnancy, as soon as the baby was out I started using the mino and the topicals and it really really made a huge difference, best of luck to you!
  12. Minocycline will help I had terrible acne and it helped me.
  13. O now come on!!! Suddenly the mites are giving us zits! Who made up this garbage? I would be more afraid of fleas then some silly mite you can't even see!!
  14. When I lived in NJ I had the best derm around, he took out his magnifier and looked over my skin unclogged my pores talked with me about anything, my visit would last about 20 mins with him, now I live in Pick your nose (I mean the poconos) and there is only one derm here who doesn't even look at my face just prescribes whatever and sends me on my way. This time I told him I want a med that will work, I sounded pissed off and he gave me something different!
  15. Good for you Dan, I had bought prescription drugs from overseas a few years back, the meds were fine and did their job but now I would never ever do that again especially with all the terrorism out there! I am happy to get my meds here and besides it wasn't any cheaper buying from another country!