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  1. Hi, I'm a 20 year old male with moderate to severe cystic acne, mostly on my face and shoulders. Thankfully I usually only have anywhere from 2-4 acne cysts total at a time on my body, but they tend to be very deep and painful and take a long time to heal completely (upwards of a month sometimes). I'm currently trying every treatment I can find as a last-ditch effort before I resort to Accutane, which I am willing to try at this point, as it was recommended by my dermatologist. I'm currentl
  2. Of course the seeing a dermatologist will probably be your best bet, but I'll share the strategy I came up with, as a fellow acne sufferer. I wondered the same thing not too long ago because I would try one "cure" at a time and could never tell if it was working or if I was just experiencing a normal fluctuation in breakouts, or if it was even the placebo effect. Because acne can be influenced by several different factors, I decided to go with a shotgun strategy: everything at once. Diet changes