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  1. I'm looking for a witch hazel combination bc the witch hazel is a little drying for me. What can I combine with witch hazel to help my acne?????: Argan oil Vitamin D Omega 3
  2. I am so happy because I finally found a regimen that works for me....ok so this is what I do: -Cleanse face with a simple cleanser(I usually use cetaphil) -WAIT FOR YOUR SKIN TO COMPLETELY DRY -Apply witch hazel to your face(I keep a bottle of witch hazel in my fridge and I add 4-5 drops of tea trea oil to the witch hazel....I keep this in the fridge because it keeps the witch hazel cold and the coldness of the witch hazel helps keeps the pores closed) -WAIT FOR YOUR SKIN TO COMPLETELY DRY -App
  3. hello.I really want to follow dan's regimen but i dont think I can.This is gonna sound crazy....but being a Muslim, I have to pray 5 times a day.Before every prayer I HAVE to wash my face.........what should I do? should I just apply the bp 5 times a day? That seems like too much....i really dont know what to do....but I HAVE to wash my face 5 X a day........any ideas?help!
  4. ...Can I still use this medication? I am not on steroids....and is 250 mg/day safe?
  5. 1) Hello. I ordered dead sea salt....but i was wondering if you could use that on your face. If yes, does anyone know a mixture/formula/recipe that could be made to put on the face using the sea salt? 2) does steaming really help with acne?
  6. is dead sea salt the same same as sea salt?? does it work the same?
  7. i know your supposed to put the csr gel only on your troubled acne areas...but does my nose count? i never get pimples on my nose, but i have tons of blackheads on it...so should i apply the gel to my nose? usually my nose is the oiliest part of my face...
  8. i am using cetaphil mostuirizer along with the csr regimen......i think the mousturizer is just making me oilier....any recomendations for good mousturizers for oily skin?
  9. ok so last night i cleansed then put on acv then put on BP....and OMG in the morning...my face was 65% less oily then usual....its smells really bad...but the smell goes away after a while...im gonna start using this stuff during the day/afternoon/night...and hope that no one can smell it =)
  10. are you supposed to put the BP&mousturizer only on troubled /acne prone areas??
  11. my acv has 5% acidity and is all natural...is that fine?? plus...does ACV have an expiration on it?
  12. so the ACV...im not exactly sure how to use it....do you use it like a cleanser? or do you leave it on your face?