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  1. can someone link to the op's revised info. he/she edited the first post and didn't link to the new part and it would be impossible to look through 163 pages.
  2. How big was ur scar and was it red? And did it gradually go or did it just happen to go away one day.
  3. thanks for the reply panda. How long do u think it will take( i know it depends on the person) but approximately how long and what can i use to help it go away faster?
  4. thanks. If it wasnt a hypertrophic scar then do u think it was just a pimple that lasted a while. Did mederma do anything?
  5. I had a pimple on my nose and i am left with this slightly raised bump on my nose that is still red. It is no longer a pimple anymore( i think) but this bump has still been here for like 2 weeks. From what i have read i am guessing this is a hypertrophic scar. I never had one before but what i want to know is, are hypertrophic scars red or is this bump just taking a while to heal? I really hope its just a stubborn post-pimple that will go away soon.
  6. four years? thats a really long time, redmarks should go away by then. i dont think OTC products will help with that kind of condition. You should go to a dermatologists and/or look into lasers.
  7. what does evoclin do exactly? is it an exfoliant?
  8. yes i understand that but on the ingredients list, purcellin oil is omitted and says some other type of oil.
  9. Thats odd. the original ingredient that was in the bio-oil that was first sold in the UK and Australia had purcellin oil(not sure if i spelled that right). Now the bio-oil sold in the US is mineral oil??
  10. there r tons of the same kinds of threads like this. Its really not necessary to keep posting the same topic.
  11. To be completely honest with you, peels dont do much.