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  1. I skipped so much that I got dropped out of Hs & had to take my GED Me too. Not because I was superficial, but because the self-conscious feelings would be strong it would drain all of my energy and make it impossible to concentrate on school. I have since gone on accutane, started college, and have made almost a full recovery three years later, both physically and mentally. But it has taught me to never judge other people for anything, both good and bad. We all have struggles, no one s
  2. Aw don't worry, we all have those ups and downs. They're the absolute worst. I've been in your shoes, acne was destroying my life until finally I went on Accutane. Was clear for half a year now I'm slipping back into my old depression. Just be thankful for the ups and good luck at your next appointment. We're all here for ya.
  3. Oh jesus there are too many to count. 1. "Dont you hate it when you have to look at someone who put on way too much makeup to try to hide something, but only made it look worse?" 2. Someone once poked all of my cysts and just went "boop boop boop" which was REALLY irritating and embarassing. 3. "What's wrong with your face?" 4. "You really look bad today, you know." 5. "You should stop picking at that pimple." 6. In front of a bunch of coworkers.. "which sidewalk did you fall on?"
  4. It's so frustrating! I've been working so hard to keep my face clear for tomorrow and over the past two days my face has gone from near perfect to deformed and ugly. I have plans with my boyfriend to go to NYC to see Conan O'Brien, we have dinner reservations at an awesome sushi place, and I had a little something planned for him when we got home. Now I just want to die. I'm so sad.
  5. Dropped out of school because of it. Now I'm on accutane, fourth month, and I'm still not clear. =(
  6. 1. 40mg for the first 3 months, 60mg for the last two 2. moderate/severe 3. 5 months total, I'm currently on month 4. Pretty much clear but I still get the occasional break out.
  7. That's really not good.. accutane can mess with brain pressure. I'd tell your doctor immediately, especially if you are experiencing headaches. It could just be your body recovering from the drinking binge, but it's much better to be safe than sorry.
  8. I started getting pretty bad acne in 9th grade. I really was fine with it until my friends started making comments. Has anyone else realized that when you have acne people think they can just walk up to you and get advice on their skin? Made me feel like complete shit. Anyway, so once they started making me feel self conscious it was a downhill slope from there. I spent a majority of sophmore year with my head buried in my arms every period. Never missed a day though. Junior year rolled around a
  9. My uncle has bad acne and it has caused my aunt's skin to become extremely broken out. Just something you have to deal with. Wouldn't hurt to wash your face as soon as possible after contact, but I'm guessing that could become offensive. :: passionate make out session:: :: you run to the bathroom and splash your face:: :: your significant others bottom lip quivers::
  10. i'm most likely going on accutane in a few weeks. how long does it take to start to see a difference? how long does the IB last for? i really hope this works
  11. 90% for sure. my mood is also completely skin dependent. its SO pathetic!! i'm going on 4 years now of having acne and i'm just so done with it.
  12. see, i would just eat an apple or a pear because i actually dont like bananas all that much, but i'm allergic to them! i have a birch pollen allergy which makes me allergic to apples, peaches, pears, kiwi, mangos, any sweet fruits. bananas are one of the exceptions, which is why i eat them. but i didnt know they're bad for your skin. DAMN IT!!
  13. Not nice haha no worries, it made me laugh actually.
  14. WELL here's what happened. I just washed my face and piled on all my topicals and topped it all off with some neosporin, especially on my chin. So I decided to eat a banana since they're good for you and all that. So as I'm eating it my chin must have come in contact with my banana and I got a big old bite of neosporin. So thanks a lot acne, you have not only ruined my life for the most part, you've now ruined my banana. (true story, just trying to lighten the mood in here a little
  15. I finally went to the derm today and she put me on these. Anyone have experience with them? If these dont work Accutane is in my future. I've tried antibiotics, duac, benzyclin, and birth control. i have moderate acne with occasional cysts. hopefully this will work.