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    I like boys and I like to shop oh and I like taking naps cuz who doesnt like to sleep???
  1. You should cut her some slack.Not all girls care about is looks,they can like guys for other reasons.
  2. Hey good luck with the Tane I am trying to get on it too.....Oh and nice abs!!!!
  3. Yeah Tupac is the best! That song makes me feel better Those songs are great too!
  4. If you are gonna wish for unrealistic things how about wishing for no acne for anyone
  5. No I think if you pick at them or try and pop em then you get them I am not sure though
  6. Yeah but he looks pretty bad ass with that beard!
  7. If I wished for happiness I would end up being in some sedated state for the rest of my life that is just my luck
  8. People go through phases, you may feel down now but you are a good lookin guy and will find a girl who will make your confidence soar!
  9. Thank you. I sort of feel like I've wrecked my looks at this point, but everyone tells me things will heal. I guess looks shouldn't even be my #1 priority, I am still working on getting healthy and all that. you are right looks are not important but we all stress on them.but honestly I bet a good 99% of the girls on here would love to look like you! You have great features I love your lips in your avatar!
  10. Girl you are far from fat! and you are beautiful!
  11. I'mjustagrl

    What it do!

    Just me