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  1. So I only have about 2 or 3 days left on accutane and I'm pretty nervous to go off. I've had persistent chest acne for years so the point where before going on accutane I hadn't gone out in public with a v neck or anything that showed my chest for a solid two years. It's been my biggest insecurity. My chest cleared up instantly on accutane and I can finally not worry about what to wear because I don't have to find something that covers my chest. But as my treatment is coming to an end in noti
  2. So I couldn't remember my password for a long time so I'm finally back on here. I have just completed my 3rd month of accutane and it has done wonders. My derm said I'll be done after my 5th month. My chest acne is for the most part gone and for the first time in years I can wear dresses and v necks and whatever the hell I want without worrying about my chest. That has been the greatest part of it, I no longer have to buy clothes that will cover my chest. So happy!! For the first time in l
  3. So far nothing really crazy. Symptoms I have: VERY chapped lips. I have been using aquaphor every chance I get My skin is still pretty oily, but my cheeks are sometimes flaky after I put on makeup. Since it is really cold out it is hard to tell if my face is getting red from the freezing wind or the Accutane. Redness doesn't stick around though. My scalp has been SOO ITCHY, afraid I am going to start getting dandruff soon from how often I scratch it. I am starting to develop a couple pimple
  4. So I guess I should describe what my acne has been like for the past years. Ive never had cystic acne but my face breaks out really bad around my period and I constantly have small bumps on my forehead. I have had acne on my chest for the past couple years that I can just never get to clear up, which is extremely embarrassing. I have a lot of skin discoloration from old acne which is almost just as bad as acne. I am onto week 2 now of Accutane and so far the small bumps on my forehead are cl
  5. I am 19 and a student at the University of Missouri and i am completely sick of having acne. i have had acne since i was in 6th grade and I would say seven years with it has been more than enough. I have very oily skin but every now and then i will get dry patches, which will somehow still get oily.. I went on Accutane about two years ago and was taken off after a month because I had a crazy scene of extremely intense migraines caused from the medicine. I am hoping that this time will be differe