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  1. As I said this is nothing dubious, I am just simply gonna give people my experiences and advice on what works and what doesn't. I really hope it doesn't turn in to a irrelevant thread and instead helps people which is what everyone is here to do in the first place
  2. Acne can be cured people, really its just a combination of cleanses your inner system, taking certain nutrients to maintain your body and also certain herbs. If anyone is interested to know more please feel free to ask any questions you have.
  3. Thats kool, although I can't accept what your saying I understand it. I guess I would probably react the same way, you have made your feelings clear and I won't be pushing anything here with you guys. I just wanted to put something out there, you might not agree with the method but its one I chosse ok.
  4. see fatman there is no problem in saying that. I accept thats your views. When someone contacts me I talk to them more and then if they are ok with things they buy into it. I don't push anyone and you can ask ALL those who have talked to me on the intention of finding out more to report back here or to other boards weather I have been pushing. Its just not my way.
  5. I think its sad. Sad that people cannot trust other people anymore. Sad that everything a person has to say is put down and laughed upon. Believe it or not even though I say I have the cure I am still human, I get angry and yes I hit out on people who are always doubting and putting other peoples ideas down without experiencing it. I like discussing things with people who like to be civil and sensible. And just to save those peoples time who say "go away". I ain't going away, not on your word
  6. ok there really is no need for name calling. Am I going on about my cure? I have mentioned it and have been just answering questions about it. Look this site really needs to show its more better than this, there are others sites I posted on but they showed a much more adult approach to any problems and concerns they had.
  7. Pete mate come back by all means. I just find it sad you have a certain way that you think 'cures' acne and won't listen to anyone else. As a mod that is particually unhelpful. If you want talk to me, ask questions and maybe you mite start to understand and believe.
  8. Now get to the real point, what makes you angry against someone saying they have a cure? Whats the true cause of your bitterness and anger?
  9. lol adam, I come here a million times a day? I only come here as much as you respond, go back and look at my replies.
  10. Ahh thats good to know, a bit more postive feedback from someone here. Cool
  11. So did I miss anything then. I knew the thread would eventually be deleted, only suprise was it took so long. I hope I didn't leave people's questions unanwered.
  12. For those who know me (whats the point in hiding the truth?, if something works the people should know, and I am here to let them) Hello there, my name is AJ. As you’re aware by the topic I am going to write something on an Acne cure. Most of you must be thinking, 'Oh, another useless acne cure', 'Another scam' or whatever, and I don't blame you because of the crap that goes around on Acne. But the difference is this works! It’s worked for me and others! It is the Acne