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  1. Hello, You might be thinking "This guy is brand new to the forum but trying to give advice....what would he know" and you are right but I have been a long time reader. This site has given me hope in the sense of knowing that multiple people, no matter where they live have had the same problem I have been going through. Acne .... even the name makes me frown and I would not wish it on anyone. My name doesn't matter but my story might. I've been going through Acne on and off from 18 mainly sma
  2. Great, thanks for the advice. I will try that I went to the GP today and he mentioned warming up my face and putting olive oil.... is this a "thing"? Also what do you think about aloe vera or manuka honey for redness? Thanks!
  3. hey Yeah, it's quite hard to share pics but a pic is a 1000 words so.... rather that than me explaining it! Yes I take protein shakes, Maxi Muscle, how comes? - FireFistAce
  4. Hi All, First of all thanks in advance for the read, I am 23 and trying my best to battle the forces of acne but I need help on what products I should use: Current Simple - Kind to Skin - Cleanser [x2 a day morning and night] Simple - Kind to Skin - Toner [x2 a day morning and night] Simple Anti spot Blemish Control Moisturiser [x2 a day morning and night] Isotrexin - gel treatment - x1 night Lymecycline - Antibiotic Tablet - x1 night Diet + Lifestyle I eat healthy, lack of fast food and g
  5. Hi Everyone, First of all, I'm new here and love the supportive community! Medication: 3-step La Roche Posay Efflaclar Anti Blemish System (Comes with a purying foaming gel, Toner and Efflaclar Duo+ Moisturiser) Daily - Washing my face x2 a day with this routine. Evening - Using Isotrexin gel and x1 Lymecycline tablet (scared to stop since last time I broke out really bad...) I've tried so many different products but my acne is more on the mild - moderate range but it's get