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  1. Well I'm on my way to trying the Mandelic Acid 15% Serum to hopefully fight blackheads and brownish skin area around my mouth as well as light acne scars. I've been using Paulas choice 2% gel for 6 months now twice a day and it isn't enough. It's been good at keeping my skin pretty clear and smooth so I'm keeping it and going to try mandelic as well. I wondered who also is using both products and how well it is working? So far I started using the mandelic once every other night replacing the
  2. I'm glad to see you back, LionQueen. I've read a lot of forums over the last month and many of your posts have been very helpful, especially regarding BHA for me. I hope you are well. Thanks.
  3. you can drink a little once in awhile just don't do it 72 hours prior to blood test or you results probably will show it...mine did. These are decent guidelines but I'd go through the boards and get a feel for what everyone is doing for successful stories. I only disagree with the staying away from sports. For me the best help to keep my mind off acne and stay energized is working out and playing volleyball/racquetball almost daily. With some fish oil I never experienced much muscle ache a
  4. Wearing contacts especially on accutane will cause some redness and can be extreme. Even those with perfect vision can get red eyes on accutane with the moisture leaving your eyes slightly. I hate wearing glasses during the day so I tend to wear contacts at least 10 hours at a time. I've gone through many brands of eye drops trying to find something that works and visine advance worked a bit for awhile but the best I found was definitely Opcon-A. It's not pricey and it's amazing. You may ex
  5. yeah i'm interested in this too. I'm going to be at a lake for a week on vacation and plan to limit my time in the sun, but I would like to go out and ski at least a little bit during the day.. Even an hour in the water is a bit scarey to me for first time on accutane so any recommendations would be appreciated. I would think spf 30 would be the minimum, but what does the best job protecting especially those with semi fair skin? thanks.
  6. I experienced more dryness in my eyes around day 10. At times I have to take my contacts out a few hours earlier in the evening and wear glasses cause the drops aren't cutting it. I didn't notice a big change in dry lips till day 4. I'm on day 23 and haven't had any other side effects yet.
  7. I used the murad lotion as well for like a year, but I have switched to the Oil of Olay Complete for Sensitive skin (SPF 15) after starting the accutane treatment this month. It is a good replacement and so much cheaper. It feels a tad thicker, but it isn't greasy or shinny. I use vasaline on my lips at night and carmex during day. I take fish oil and drink about 2 liters of water through the day. That's about it. I'm on day 23 and so far no side effects besides the extra dryness on lips. Goo
  8. Thanks. My nose does feels like sandpaper and it's getting annoying. I think I'll try a gentle exfoliator tonight.
  9. After I looked through these forums I decided to try oil of olay complete sensitive spf 15. After a week of use I've seen no problems with it. It feels pretty light and isn't shinny or greasy and does a good job of keeping my face hydrated through the day. I've only been on accutane for 20 days so it may be different later. I agree with you that cetaphil is way to heavy. I was using a murad lotion which I like the best, but it is way too expensive. good luck finding what works for you.
  10. When I was 22 and on the accutane regime I lifted weights about an hour a day 5-6 days a week and the effects were pretty minimal. I did really get a sore neck and it was hard for me to look behind when driving, but that was the only thing I noticed muscle related. I was still able to workout through the soreness and being tight. I didn't take any fish oil at that time and since I just started on accutane now I have added it to my daily intake. Good luck. You should be fine. Cut back if yo
  11. I'm currently taking vitamin e and fish oil since my derm recommended, but not sure it is doing much. Worth trying. Love the Tool images btw;)
  12. Good luck getting it all setup. It took me 3 days to get everything cleared up after the initial registration on ipledge. I had to actually get my doctor to go over with me to the prescription counter and talk with the pharmacist to see why ipledge was blocking me even though I was registered and approved. It seemed no one knew what was going on and there is a few hoops we had to go through to get everything in order. Once it is all setup the refill next month should go through smoothly... I
  13. Well I'm currently on 40 mg accutane and don't want to use topicals with it. Also I was looking for help that I could do myself. I don't see the need to see someone for a facial, but maybe I should think about it. Any accutane people that have had good results removing the excess blackheads? My face is already real dry from the treatment so I was looking for something that wouldn't overdry too much more.
  14. Hi there. I'm on day 20 of accutane and have gotten a crazy amount of blackheads on my nose and surounding areas. What is the best and gental way to extract them? They seem to all be pushed out from the accutane, but aren't leaving my skin with the regular use of cleansing bar. I tried a face scrub yesterday and it didn't remove many and only seemed to bring on some red blemishes. I feel like scrapping my nose with my fingernails but I don't think that should be a way to go at it. Any sugge