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  1. Day 5: Still successful! I haven't picked or popped, making me very happy. there have been a few tempting moments and I have definetly touched my face, but have resisted the urge to go further. right now I just have 3 whiteheads that are drying up, plus my post inflammatory red marks which are slowly fading (as they do with time). Additionally I just started using the MUAC glylauronic serum every 3rd night which I feel makes my skin look beautiful! I'malso going to start a 30% glycolic peel fr
  2. Very long time lurker here! I've started this personal log to help hold myself accountable and come to terms with my excessive picking. Today is day 2 of my no pick / pop / poke challenge. After a particularly bad breakout which resulted in a very long mirror sesh, I decided I needed to take accountability for my actions. My story: I had acne since 8, which really only manifested as mod/severe body acne in high school. Did a half round of accutane but I didn't stick with it. in college, it was