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  1. The thing I always hated was the time wasted trying different treatments. Its like "try this for 8 weeks, and come back and we will review the results". They never worked for me and it was another 8weeks, 3 months, 6months what ever down the drain... I remember the worst time was just b4 i went on accutane my 2nd time, my skin was never that bad (in terms of how bad acne can get) but nothing ever worked and I just looked like shit imo. The derm in my home town (where i was back from university)
  2. Its hard to say with out knowing how bad it is... assuming antibiotics are no good, BP no good - that pretty much just leaves 1. sulfur (which many derms avoid cause of the potential side effects and there are better drugs available today in most cases) , 2. topicals (like retin A, diffrin *not antibiotic topicals*) I found topicals useless, 3. Accutane So from that u can pretty much say topicals and Accutane. How old are you? Do you have any scaring at all from your acne? If you are a you
  3. I am so unhappy at the moment, I feel that no 1 has any thing to offer to help my situation. I have tryed every treatment under the sun and nothing has worked well enough to make me happy. While at the moment my skin is ok and my acne is light I know there is nothing that any thing can do to make it any better. I currently use a range of products, which after 13 years of trying is about the best treatment I can come up with. If i stop it all but, my skin doesnt get much worse (if at all), so i
  4. I thought it was really bad to drink alcohol while on accutane??? cant it destroy your liver?
  5. I have never had any eczema in my life, my older brother has had a little when he was younger but had nooooooooo acne and my little sister had a little as well and she has had acne like me. I would say though too look at, my sister and brother have similar skin types and mine is a bit different. They are slightly more 'olive skinned' than me... So no relation in my family at least to eczema/acne
  6. Not long at all (not like the initial waiting period of a month or more to see the derm origionally). The second time i went on it (cant remember the 1st), I got my script and had my blood test later that day. I started roaccutane and had an appointment in a week or so to discuss the results of the blood test (they said they would ring me if the test showed any thing any way). This whole process may depend on the derm but it wont take very long/or will be the same day. I think with accutane, b
  7. Yes on the blood test... Its for your own health, not your doc's vanity (i.e. you need to do it every where in the world, at least u should) In Australia only derms can perscribe it and it is heavily subsidised... Should be about $4 i think on the PBS... remember i said 'I THINK'
  8. It might be hard if your skin is looking pretty good... Your best bet is to explain that you have tried everything else and you are still unhappy with the results. Also that you do get cysts...
  9. I 2 am sorry it didnt work for you I dont think trying again at a higher dosage is the answer for you, seeing you said you saw no improvement after 5 months on 80mg a day (which is not a small amount) Your skin should return to 'normal' fairly quickly, the dryness does go almost straight away
  10. Seems to me that about 1/2 the posts in the perscription acne meds forum are dealing with accutane, which is great.... But since im not on accutane I find they get in the way of all the other posts. Due to the high number of accutane posts and the high number of people seeking information about it would it be helpful to have its own forum in the Acne Medication Forums group? It might make it easier to access the information? Just a thought...
  11. From what you said that the antibiotics control 90%, it is probably best to wait as long as possible imo. To back up what acne_suks said its probably only best to use accutane at this stage if the acne is scarring
  12. I would do what JOHNNY11 said, use bp in the morning and diff at night. Try this for a while (a month or 2) and if it doesnt work just go back to your old bp routine. Some ppl find differin really good, others think it doesnt work... who knows what it may do for you. Give it a try.
  13. I have also heard that the younger you go on accutane the more likely it is to return. I can offer any help with your other questions...
  14. im with the others on this... it will stop working when u stop taking it and your acne will return ;(
  15. i use the 5%, it is made by Galderma... they must make it all over the place cause mine is made by Galderma Australia. U dont need a prescription for it, you just go buy it from where ever u can find it. It is fairly easy to find in most chemists/drug stores