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  1. Thanks for the advice @nycqueen! I did go back to following the regimen as per the instructions. I started using more BP as the instructions suggested and now I'm seeing a bit of flakiness and redness. Some new acne has formed this week, blah..but I'm hoping next week will be better.
  2. (I can't figure out attaching the photos thing, so look at the first two photos in the album, they are from Day 10) The second week in and last night I saw four new pimples emerging . I guess I should expect a purging phase, but the first week the BP really started working on the left side of my temple. I had stubborn acne there for the last six months and the BP started to kick those to the curb. The good thing is that since I started the regimen, I feel that acne doesn't stick around f
  3. virtualjeff

    Acne.org Regimen

    Photos of acne.org regimen
  4. I received the regimen early on Saturday, March 7th! I was super pumped to get this started. I had a busy weekend, but took photos on Sunday, March 8th and will post photos here. My first impression of the products is they are very high quality and I can feel the difference from other products that I've used. The first day, I decided to use one pump of BP during the day and another one at night. I was a little worried that it would dry my face out but so far it hasn't yet. I have already
  5. Looks like I will be receiving the kit next week March, 12th. I was hoping to receive it soon, but good things happen to those that wait, right? For the past week I've been using natural organic honey on my face and I believe it has helped lighten my skin and hyper-pigmentation. I also picked up jojoba oil and added it to my night time moisturizer since my skin has been pretty dry lately. I'm really sick of these stubborn non-inflamed acne, they just sit there as bumps and seem to neve
  6. Thank you, I realize it could take longer, but I really don't like the Retin-A, it made my skin really oily and sensitive to sunlight. Living in San Diego and being very active with hiking and surfing makes it a difficult combo. I plan to stick to the acne.org regimen as long as it takes to clear up.
  7. I just broke out a whole bunch the last week...pissed me off...my skin is really oily too from the medication...I think the Retin-A. So I said f*uck it and I ordered the acne.org regimen. I've read so many people with great results and pretty fast compared to the Retin-A and Acanya combo. I really don't feel like waiting 3 months to see if this Rx combo will work, although probably cheaper if it does. I will continue to use the Rx combo until my acne.org shipment gets here. When it does
  8. I'm still in the purging phase, but it hasn't been too bad. Some new acne showed up where it has never showed up before. The turn over rate of acne has definitely been expedited by the RetinA. I think the BP 2.5% has helped too with the existing acne. I still have some black heads in my problem spots, but there are less. The dryness hasn't been too bad, if I get really dry I stop using RetinA for a few nights and moisturize pretty good. I'm almost up to using it every night now and hope to
  9. Just go prescribed Tretinoin 0.05 %, currently use every other night until my skin gets used to it. Also Acanya daily use (Clindamycin Phosphate and BP, 1.2% / 2.5%). Drying was pretty bad the first week but I've moisturized pretty heavy with Cetaphil Oil Control SPF 30 during the day and a night cream for nights. I've noticed my skin has gotten oilyer and a few new inflamed pimples on the chin area. One new on my left side toward the ear. Also small ones on my forehead. More new non-infla
  10. I'm a week in and I've notice how oily my face is too. Kind of embarrassing, I hope it returns to normal. So waiting 30 minutes helps normalize the skin or helps the product work better? I've never waited 30 minutes. Thanks, just wondering.
  11. Wow, sounds like you have great results already! I just started using Tretinoin every other day and Acanya (Clindamycin Phosphate 1.2% and BP 2.5%) every day, on 2/10/15. So far I've gotten two inflamed acne and more non-inflammatory acne, but from what I read that is pretty normal...worse before it gets better. I'm hoping this combo will help the non-inflammatory acne, because I have tons of little bumps all over my face, you can only see them in some lightening conditions, but I think it's