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  1. Alright, so since it is occuring in both eyes, and I can't tell a difference in symptoms/severeness at all between eyes, you think it is allergies? That makes a bit of sense to me, especially when I hear you describe Ocular Rosacea as feeling like you have "sand" in your eye; it doesn't feel like that to me at all, my eyes just get very tired and squinty, and as I said, my eyelids are pretty puffy (most of the time). Sometimes my eyes respond well to warm compress/Refresh Plus artificial tear
  2. It took you a year to see results? Could you wear contacts during that time? And did you have to use other, moisturizing eyedrops as well, such as Refresh?
  3. I have been to three eye doctors, and none of them are really sure what I have - my symptoms are itchy, tired eyes after just a few hours of being awake, and slightly puffy eyelids. The eye irritation usually kicks in after about 6 hours of the day. I can wear contacts, but if I wear them any longer than 5-6 hours, my eyes are pretty much permanently irritated for the rest of the day. I do warm compresses three times a day, and have been on Doxycycline for about 4-5 months - however, I have noti
  4. Is it possible to get these razor bumps from an electric razor? I was under the impression you didn't need to use shaving cream with an electric razor.
  5. What I mean is, do you step out of the water for a few min and let the H&S sit there? Or do you rinse it off immediately after applying?
  6. In the OP's post, he said he applied the H&S twice; once when he first got in the shower and once after. If you aren't going to leave the film on your skin, do you still do it twice? Or when do you do it? Would this work: Get in shower Put normal shampoo in hair Apply H&S shampoo to back At this point, do you guys just stand out of the range of water and wait? Or what exactly
  7. Anyone? Think that will work well?
  8. Ok, so would this work: Night: take off shirt wash face, wait 10 min apply BP to back/face, wait 10 min moisturize put on plain white shirt Morning: take off plain white shirt shower wash face moisturize, put on dark shirt or colored shirt or whatever Would this work to keep BP off of my non-white shirt? Or is there still a possibility of getting BP on the shirt in the morning?
  9. Yeah, but my point is, shouldn't the BP be washed off by the shower/scrubbing?
  10. Yes, I use 2.5% BP, and it seems to me I wash it off well...use a scrub with soap on it in the shower, and wash it off with water, and I wash my hands with soap after using BP, before using moisturizer, as well.
  11. I refuse to limit myself to white clothes, and I have mild acne both on my face and back, and very very slight acne on my chest. I have decided to only use Basis Soap/Eucerin moisturizer in the morning, as just Basis seems to dry my skin, and wear whatever clothes I want during the day, then at night, switch into a white shirt and use the soap/BP/moisturizer. However, yesterday, I did this exact thing, and today wore a dark blue shirt, and somehow it's colors were messed up, the same as it looke