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  1. it did nothing for me. didn't even clear blackheads.
  2. omg 4 pimples. its the end of the world. seriously its 4 measly pimples. any facewash should clear it up, but they'll probably dissappear on their own by friday
  3. it did nothing for me. i think it smells bad too, and after i washed it off the smell stayed on my skin and made my pillow smell bad.
  4. ok thanks for the advice yall. i actually bought neutragena face wash yesterday with microbeads so maybe that'll help more
  5. it's this cream made in india and malaysia, apparently it "cures" a lot of skin-related problems, not just acne. go here http://www.acne.org/rate_item.php?item_id=237 it's rated pretty well
  6. the doctor put me on clindamycin phosphate lotion. It's one of those meds that makes your acne worse before it gets better, and mine has deffinately gotten worse. I've only been on it for about 3 weeks, but how long did it take for you to get results if you got any? Did it even work for you? Also i just ordered Nixoderm, which i've never used before but apparently it works for most people. If the Nixoderm does work, should I stop using the Clindamycin since it makes me skin worse? or should I k
  7. im terrified of school starting in a month. especially since I moved to a different school when I started 9th grade, and it's really hard for me to make friends because of my acne, so I still only have a handful of good friends and I'm gonna be a junior. And now the doctor gave me Clindamycin phosphate lotion which has made me acne a lot worse, I'm hoping the Nixoderm I ordered will arrive soon and will help my acne before school starts. Maybe then I won't be the only girl with acne in the schoo
  8. ^ lol when I was a freshman the guy who called me "pimples" got cancer. he didn't die though................unfortunatley
  9. ok, I went to the doctor for a prescription and she looked at my face and didn't say anything about it, but I will ask her. B5 really? ok thanks ill try that!
  10. on my upper cheeks, (underneath my eyes and directly to the left and right of my nose) I have about 6 or 7 bumps. I don't think they're blackheads because they are WAY bigger than blackheads and are flesh colored. They stay forever, none have gone away for about 5 months. They don't pop like pimples, I actually cut into one with a needle (which i know is bad for your skin) and squeezed really hard until finally something came out, but I don't know what. It was just like a string of skin. They're
  11. I was on another acne message board and I read that St Ives apricot scrub damages your skin because the little chunks of apricot break your capillaries and leave tiny tears in your skin. People said they used the product as a teen and still have broken capillaries. Do you think this is true, and is broken capillaries and extreme case? I'm a teen and I am using this scrub, should I stop?