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  1. mariahsloverboy... you nailed it man. that is exactly the way i feel. i had a badly scarring breakout right before college started up again, and i was in a bad mood for weeks. the red marks kind of cleared up after a month, and i was as content as i was going to be. so there's a girl in one of my classes that i like a lot, and i finally got to talkin to her every class period. we also talk on the net a lot, but i havent talked to her in person in about a month b/c i keep having timely breakouts
  2. i wasnt saying that i was the worst. i was venting. i think it's ok to be pissed and complain about it. i know there's ppl worse off, and i'm thankful for what i do have. but yeah, i'm not too pleased with how some other stuff is. anyone could come on here and post their shit. this is just my story.