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  1. $400 BUCKS! That's ridiculous. I bought my 32oz. bottle a long while ago and I'm glad I did. I still have 3/4 of a bottle to last me the rest of my acne ridden life (if not more). I actually haven't used it regularly to see if I could survive without BP and I'm almost clear without it. I conclude that ALL BP has marginal effect on completely getting rid of acne (and so do many other medications), but Benzoil is definitely one of the top ones. Advice for those who are not getting the granules
  2. lummox

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  3. Whoa. Sorry about the updates. I had no camera, but I have one now. I've been using a steam vaporizer (heated humidifier) and it seems to be doing well for such a dry climate I live in. I've had very MINIMAL breakouts. Nothing to be upset about. I'm very satisfied about how things are going. JC, I do have some red marks, and all I did was ignore them. The only sure-fire method to get rid of 'em is to wait it out. I haven't found out how to quicken the process though. I'll go find some new pi
  4. I've had about two pimples in the past 2 weeks that were gone within 24 hours. Everyday is clear as a bell. I'll be updating with pictures ASAP.
  5. Are you trying to say that you can't put a disclaimer on a product you didn't make? That's ridiculous. Your criticisms aren't very helpful if you don't know what you're talking about either, but I can understand your concern for misinformation. Unless you have extensive knowledge in international law and business trade, I wouldn't be putting others down though. There are many countries with varying laws, so you can't say that people don't know what they are talking about. Well, it's pre
  6. Do you know the reasoning behind the 4-8hrs effectiveness or the source of the findings? I also read somewhere that it was recommend by Dr. Fulton (BP's inventor) to apply BP, then wash off after an hour (I guess to reduce dryness/wrinkling); and to do this twice a day. But then again it was he that was a proponent of water-based BP, which seems to go against the mostly good response to the oil based product in this thread. Maybe you are trying to state that the cumulative applications of BP r
  7. I haven't posted in my log for a while. I bought some Benzoil listed in another thread and it seems to be doing good for me. Other than that, my regimen is exactly the same. The oils in the BP are a nice addition to my skin.
  8. I use it only at night anyway. I find that 10% is strong enough to last 24 hours for me at least.
  9. I also read that too. I have switched to an oil based BP with no problems though, maybe even better results. I wonder why the original BP Dr. advises against it.
  10. I don't believe how popular it is. Trix doesn't use it and has problems, yet he is selling it! After reading Poi not receiving his, I don't even want to risk reselling mine if I don't receive it.
  11. This is true, but I actually got some big flakes on my cheeks while using this, but I did use lotion which solved it. I can easily use less than half the lotion I was using before though.
  12. Ok, I was the one who made the questionable observations but heres is where I stand after a couple days of use: The inside of the container looks clean. I cannot vouch for actual cleanliness, but the product itself seems to be working rather well. Maybe he had dirty hands when shipping time came around (the tape on the bottle). The site and spelling mistake is definitely unprofessional. As long as he doesn't sacrifice the quality and professionalism of actually producing the Benz-oil, then I
  13. I can understand how Trix could be having troubles. He probably has bigger granules than most or something. Granted, mine are pretty large but I expected that from the warning people gave. I put some on yesterday and it worked really well. I put on only the smallest amount. And I put on more at night time and I guess I used too much. It wouldn't rub in all the way. I just rubbed for 5 minutes and took a paper towel to gently wipe off the white clumps that was leftover. Since my regimen is only
  14. The guy says to not use moisturizing soap/cleansers, but I have been using cetaphil with my regimen. Do you folks use bar soap? I don't know how well I can tolerate it.
  15. I don't want to see your mom doing that.