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  1. neosporin. looks like a scab...it kinda looks like its irritated....dab some neosprin and place a bandaid overnight. do it for a couple of nights till the scab fully forms and falls off. i say 3 days and you should be fine. it will however leave hyper-pigmentation...
  2. if it lowered and its scabby keep that puppy moisturized like a mother effer What I used to do was add some Neosporin on a freshly popped pimple (I know, bad on me for popping it D: ) and let it set overnight. Re-apply throughout the day to keep it moist. The scab wont form a hard top layer, more like a soft layer that will eventually fall off in a shower or be wiped off when you wash your face within 2-3 days. however since you have a flattened out one with a scab...keep it moisturized with
  3. sounds like you still have some sebum build up in there if its still bumpy. That tends to happen when you pop a pimple that has not fully yet formed and gets popped to early (I have popped my fair share...when you are not suppose to)...what I normally do in those cases is A. wait it out or B. put a dab of desitin (its a baby rash cream)....but it has a zinc oxide and it helps deflate those suckers (well for me it does). All in all, I hate to be repetitive but...try not to pop them zits I kn

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! refrain from purchasing this....goodness knows I broke out so bad after 6 uses! Normally I have 3-4 pimples on my cheeks (mostly during that time of the month), zero acne on my forehead, temples, jawline and 2 little iddy biddy ones on my chin. I was looking around in the drugstore to see what I can do to help make my skin just a bit more calm and pimple free and came upon this. I read the descriptions and ingredients and decided why the heck not?? Its says its gentle
  5. sounds like over-exfoliation + many chemicals on your face = skin irritation/pimples I experienced the same thing! I had one or two pimples and i would pop them and go on my day to day life when i got this huge pimple on my chin I started to look up what could permanently stop these things....and here i go into acne cream central...I tried AHA, BHA, BP, many scrubs....all throughout the year (i gave each new treatment a good measure of time to adjust to my skin...some progress but the acne
  6. its not bad, If i have to rate it will be a 2 I have had (and currently struggling with some tiny stragglers atm) pimples on my cheeks and chin (those huge ones that are under your skin and hurt like a B****). what did help me decrease the pimples on my cheeks and chin.... was taking out dairy and eating a gluten free diet. I kid you not I had less and less pimples near my chin and cheek area (still had some rando's especially during that time of the month). I also stuck to a simple fac
  7. those look like stretch marks. try some cocoa butter or some kind of cream that targets that. Sephora, ULTA have a lot of creams for that. just wanted to input my 2 cents
  8. are you using any moisturizers? If your skin is super dry...it could lead to overproduction of sebum-->clogged pores-->pimples. Maybe lean towards just the SA face wash and stay away from the BP for a while...I find it that BP overdries my skin and does diddly to clear my face of any impeding pimple. Also, have you tried steaming??
  9. its normal after a pimple is popped (dont rec. popping a pimple in the first place...but i am guilty of doing it myself) the spot will remain a bit elevated and red for a couple of hours, but it should flatten overnight--I would rec. to put some witch hazel on that so no bacteria gets into it and re-pimplelizes it. I would also (depending on how big the popping left your now pus free pimple...semi tiny opening= SA/Acne spot treatment thing, medium to big opening = neosporin and a bandaid .
  10. i am going to go on a limb here and say that its your fish oil that might be causing your outbreak. I took it for a while thinking that it will help reduce my acne and nope...made it worse!! I stopped taking it and boom...no more random acne popping out on the daily (i still had my acne dont get me wrong...just not the constant random acne increase). I also started taking vitamin C, B5 and garlic tablets (along with my zinc). This has helped me immensely! I dont get as much acne as i
  11. i would use warm compress on that. When you attempted to pop it and got no gunk out (but blood instead) you made that pimple into an open wound of sorts. That wounds natural response is to create a crust (protective layer) to protect it from outside bacteria. I recently had a huge pimple that would not budge and attempted to pop and ended exactly like that. What I did was to warm compress the pimple for 10 minutes on and off ... then witch hazel to kill any wandering bacteria. After all th
  12. looks like clogged pores homie. I would say to either use SA or BP on them puppies. or try steaming your face to open the pores up and treat accordingly.
  13. looks like clogged pores have you tried clay masks?
  14. I am currently dealing with those stupid blind pimples on my chin and jaw area. I found out that when i ate any dairy, peanuts or bread (like a big portion of bread)...that within the week i had a new lump(s) on my chin. I have cut down on dairy completely and eat gluten free meals and I have seen a decrease in pimples for sure.
  15. do you consume dairy products?? for me dairy cause my skin to react the same way (that and my fish oil pills).