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  1. Invisalign: Pros: Really not noticeable at all, they look a lot like the plastic retainer trays that most orthodontists use as opposed to wire retainers. No irritation from having brackets Cons: Cost more, personal orthodontist has little control over treatment, because the treatment plan is sent in to the Invisalign company, who makes the trays and maps out most of the treatment. You DO still experience pain from teeth moving. They can be difficult to remove and put in at first, treatment can
  2. BenzaClin (morning) + Retin-A (night). Retin-A's pretty strong and it could be too drying to have on during the day.
  3. For the love of God. I think it was the combination of music and the actual material that was so sickening. I might vomit.
  4. No, I don't think they judge it like we do. When I look in the mirror, I think "Lots of PIH, A healing pustule, two papules close to each other, and a painful pustule that's taking the life of god to go away. When people look at me I don't think they quite understand it in the way I do. They don't understand that 1) No shit, I know I've got zits; and 2) They are very painful and I'm doing everything in my power to get rid of them. I have the hardest time telling myself that this is NOT my fault
  5. So I go in to my aunt's store tonight because they started carrying Youngblood MMU and I wanted to try it. Well I go to take all my makeup off, and she says 'Wow why do you always break out so bad?' Well, if I f***ing knew why I was breaking out, it wouldn't be a problem, now would it?! I could have screamed. I'm not even really breaking out that bad. I just have a lot of post-inflammatory damage. I am so angry thinking back on it. She even added 'Well now I understand why you never leave the ho
  6. Wow. Your post led me to your profile. You are absolutely gorgeous. I can imagine what it feels like to not be able to trust your own opinion. It's a very cruel insanity. And no, I'm not 'just being nice' when I said you were gorgeous. Or creepy.
  7. No way in heaven or hell will a derm give her Tane. I seriously wouldn't have noticed it if they hadn't been circled. You can tell in a couple of the pictures that her skin is very red and irritated from using all those harsh products. I'm 13 also, and believe me, I know what it's like to have moderate acne. I don't know if you can even call hers acne because it's so mild. They seem to be concentrated around her mouth, so she shouldn't use a lot of lip products, and should avoid getting toothpa
  8. I LOVE Proactiv. It's done wonders for my skin (you can look at my picture in my gallery, sorry, I don't have any befores, but it was very inflamed). I've been using it since late winter maybe. It took about three months to work, but am I glad that I waited. It got pretty bad for the first few months, but it was sooooo worth it. I'm so glad that I stuck with it.
  9. I use the loose mineral powder. I love it. It never breaks me out and it's not cakey. I've also used their CoverTox-10 undereye concealer. Worked wonders for puffiness and fine lines. Sometimes, if I have a megazit, I use the magic cube concealer in green, which works well (doesn't have salicylic acid).
  10. Right, you don't really need anything. Your hair is gorgeous. You could try a spray leave-in conditioner, and a little bit of gel. I use one by TRESemme. If you tend to lose the wave/curl during the day, some hairspray might help.
  11. I like Proactiv. A lot of people here will tell you it's the worst acne prodcut invented, but it actually works very well for my moderate acne. It also works for my dad's moderate-severe acne.
  12. It does look like it was photoshopped. I gagged when I saw it at first
  13. Ick. It was irritating and it was like using hand soap. Might just be one of the worst products I tried.
  14. Actually, I don't think that 7% is bad for a lotion. For some people, it could irritate, but I've used 10.5% BP all over without any problems. And just to clear things up, AcneFree is different from Proactiv. The cleanser is still the same, although the BP is in 2.25%, it still exfoliates, and I believe that's the reason many people avoid Proactiv; the toner contains alcohol (SD Alcohol 40-B is the second ingredient listed), and the BP in the lotion isn't as finely milled, and I've heard that it