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  1. I have one scar with purple discoloration for more then a year. How much time is it take to take to fade ?
  2. ok first of all thank you for youre replay. but i am also think that as time goes by the scars are fade (on their own) is that possible ?
  3. Please can someone answer !?? Does scar have to feel like hole in the skin or can/should feel smooth ????
  4. Does your dent felt like hole in the skin ? Or it felt smooth ?
  5. Hi when you touch your scars you feel dent / hole ? Or your skin feels smooth ?
  6. So i have pitted scar ? so i have a scar ? It feels smooth...
  7. I want to know how acne pitted scars feels ? Like if i touch my scars should i feel a hole or dent or its just look like hole but supposed to feel smooth ? If my scars feels smooth so its pih, pie ? Plzzzz help me !!
  8. ok so if my skin is clear so its pih? Uhh, heres what you should do. go infront of a mirror, and put your phone flashlight on your face, with the flashlight facing downwards toward the ground. This should show you if you have scars or not. you dosent understand me i know i have scar but i am not sure if its artophic scars or pih
  9. ok so if my skin is clear so its pih?
  10. If pih feels smooth and clear so pitted scars feels like hole or sunken skin ?
  11. When i stretch my skin my scars dissaper so i am not sure wheater they are pitted scars or pih/pie
  12. I once heard that if there is redness or pink or purple color then its post inflammatory erythema i never knew that atropic scars have color
  13. real pitted acne scars do they have color ? Because i had like some kind of pink mark/scar after a cyst now its pale
  14. i heard that its normal to get intial breakouts on holistic diet so maybe that the reason my acne is worse since the start of the diet? I have no idea what i am sensitive to there is any test to do or something? You could try an elimination diet to try to rule things out. I think initial breakouts from diet are not normal. My guess would be that something you're eating is making things worse, like I said. not normal? I heard that the toxic is getting out of the body through the skin Yes, that