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  1. well I guess I don't need to update this anymore. i've been acne free for so long that i can't remember how my face looked w/ acne. i m very happy and i owe it to botchla.

    Good luck all of u

  2. WEEK 4

    yeah haven't updated last week.

    been 99% clear since last post. that zit under my lip was pretty big and nasty for a while, but its gone.

    i've been using the new "advantage acne cleanser" from C & C in place of the blackhead clearing scrub. it costs the same thing and it is also 2 % SA. its been working better.

    I'll still use the scrub 2x a week, cause I think the occasional scrub is a good idea.

  3. WEEK 3

    still using the 3 products and nothing else. i've been 100% acne free for like 4 days. I wonder how long b4 I break out again.

    overall I still don't like my skin texture, and the tiny red bumps. I wonder if B5 would fix that.

    swordfish, I shave everyday and I agree, its the best way to do it. i dont get any irritation whatsoever and my facial hair is not that strong or thick so I'll keep on using just water cause its working fine. and I won't change my aloe under any circumstances cause 100% its just awesome

  4. WEEK 2

    i've been pretty clear since writing my 1st log. I guess those cysts werent really cysts, but big pimples. i've been doin botchla's + aloe + persa gel just on the big zits.

    however, today, one of the big pimples that was on my forehead resurfaced in the same spot, although not as big. I also have a big one on the far side of my right cheek.

    overall not bad, some bumpy red spots on my trouble areas (forehead, left e right cheek).

  5. this thread will span several months-- if I can keep it going. i've noticed that I don't pay much attention to my acne when its mild, but I get very frustrated when it becomes more forceful. I have decided to start this thread to learn more about my acne, specifically, I wanna know how often do I have mild acne, how often moderate, how often I get cysts, how long does each take to go away, what parts of my face are most troublesome

    I'll probably be documenting 2x a week how my acne is going and what products I'm currently using.

    I'm 23yo., w/ mild, sometimes moderate acne. I experience cysts once in a while.

    I've been doing botchla's regimen once a day and applying 100% aloe vera gel.

    First I shave (no shaving cream), then I apply the two C&C products at the same time on my face (this is a slight variation from botchla's original regimen, but it works better), gently massage, wait slightly over 1 minute and rinse. After 10 min or so I put a shitload of aloe vera gel. I really like the stuff.

    I'll probably be adding B5 (pantothenic acid) in the coming months if I still have cysts coming up once in a while.

    WEEK 1

    I have 2 small cysts on my left cheek, a big pimple on the right, one cyst and one zit on my forehead, also a tiny zit underneath my lips.

  6. U HAVE to try B5 for a couple of months, I'm pretty sure it will get rid of your cysts as it did for me. if that doesnt work im sorry but u will need to get on accutane which is pretty strong. clear skin is worth it, tho.