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  1. I recently bought five 2oz of BP (gel) and I was wondering if it was OK to leave it out for that long (probably over a month at minimum for some of the tubes)... or should I put 'em in the fridge until I need em?
  2. Heh, no, it's not just on my lips or anything... definantly acne.
  3. UPDATE: for the past 3 applications of BP I used what seemed like an idioticly large amount... and my skin looks better already.
  4. I'm from the US, I just like saying mate. I looked at the videos and at the notworking list... I am using Kaiser generic 2.5% BP, I'm using about a finger length and a bit for just bottom half of my face and nose... Purpose cleansing bar after giving up on this Nutrogena pore scrubber stuff... using Nutrogena moustirizer... altho now that I think about it I just started using the mousterizer consistantly after I noticed how poorly I was doing acne-wise. Prehaps that's the cause?
  5. And I've been following it EXACTLY I never had BAD acne, just mild-moderate and only on my upper lip, little on my nose, and the lower half of my face (chin and such, not on cheecks)... I've been on the regimen for 2 1/2 months, and it seems to have barely improved at all. My scars look just as bad, red marks are still here, and I still get 4/5 pimples a week. Should I just keep going? Has anyone had to wait this long for improvement? Or should I go to a dermitologist and get some pill
  6. OK, it's been 8 weeks now, and my skin was doing a lot better, but this weekend it's gotten so bad that it's almost like it was when I first started. Has this happened to anyone else that around 8 weeks you broke out pretty bda?
  7. I wash with this other thing, clean and clear daily pore cleanser. But it's not that the regime's not working. It is, but slowly. I'm just wondering what it would do to try it 3 times a day?
  8. At night I shower, wash my face in shower, then put BP on after 10 or so minutes In morning after eating I wash my face, wait, BP
  9. Maby 7:20 in the morning, 4:15 when I get home, and then at 7:50 at night? I'm almost clear, and have been like that for awhile, but I was wondering if this would just fix things up for good, or if it could help/hurt
  10. Hey Jerry: Only reason I said I thought you were an asshole was because it really seems like you are rather quick to defend your regimen. I am very happy for you and your success... I just think that you are rather snappy considering that your regimen really DOES NOT work for a lot of people.
  11. I have just started Dan's Regimen. I have the Nutrogena acne craem 2.5% and the nutrogena mousturizer. However, I was on benzamyclin for quite a while (no affect, and putting more on just made it dry up on my face), so my face is pretty tolerant to BP type stuff. SO: The 2.5% really isn't drying me out... is the mousturizer good for anything besides fighting dryness? Because I'd rather not have to use it... But if it helps lessen my acne/redness than I will use it. So help me out here.
  12. Oh.. by the way Jerry: I also decided to just try doing nothing but washing my face gently in the shower... and it got a lot clearer. For about a week and a half... but then I broke out like crazy. And you are being the biggest asshole, really. For someone who's so happy about their skin being clear, you sure are quick to get angry.
  13. Jerry. First let me say don't yell at me, alright? But... if water and nothing else was the cure, why would people have even come up with those products? If just water worked... people wouldn't HAVE BOUGHT THEM. I have a feeling that it is all of those expensive vitimens that you are taking that is doing the work... and that you were doing yourself more harm than good in the way that you applied the topical medications that you were taking previously.