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  1. i was gonna do it cause same thing...redness seems like twice a day is just to much it gets irratated....and ive been doing the regime for like 5 or 6 months now but it still gets a little irratated. so ima just try nights only and morn just wash gently...and see how that goes i just Pray!! i dont start breaking out!?!?!?
  2. I'm thinking bout just doing BP at night before I go to bed then am just wash my face with gentle wash.... im scared ima break out like woa! anyone have any luck with BP only at night?
  3. Ok so saturday I played a sport all day but used sunblock...but somehow managed to get sun then i devoloped a sun rash and it got worse...not its been like 4 days its still there...im afraid its gonna leave hyperpigmentation and marks??? is this rash gonna leave on its own? will it leave marks??? what do i doooooooooooooooooo
  4. any way to reverse or help sun damage??? im thinkin bout getting photodynamic therapy please give me some insight to sun damage?!?!?!?
  5. is it ok to use Finacea twice a day? or do you just use it once?
  6. as bad as it sounds i drank like hardcore 3 or 4 nights a week when i was on accutane....i was like 17 when i took it. im fine...i think haaa
  7. really...I was interested in doing photo dynamic therapy with the IPL ....I have sun damage and broken capillaries around my nose. The reason I'm kinda "drawn" to photo dynamic therapy is because I read it can actually remove pre-cancerous cells. I don't know tho because I'm terrified of lasers. But its always good to hear someones positive feedback Ruby Can you tell me how many treatments it took before you noticed results...and also did IPL help with overall texture? And did you have signi
  8. has anyone done this.....did it help with sun damage texture and pores? I read this can even remove some Pre-cancerous lesions...as well as improve these things. I don't want to do it and I have a violent breakout!??!!? I'm scared but I really want to improve my over all tone and face. someone please help and share stories!!! thanks
  9. i think i have been using realativly small ammount...but i uno? i use a finger tip of BP both morn and night ....deff no where near a whole finger ...infact i cant EVER see using that much...wont it tear my face up??!?!? i use neutrogena sensitve skin moisterizer
  10. I use to do finecia at night and BP in the morning....like 2 days ago i made the switch to BP twice (morn/night) and dropped the finecia it seems like my face is increasing irratation!??!? is this something that will adjust or should I get off bp twice a day and go back to the finecea/bp??? helpppppppppppppppp
  11. people who have had lasers for certian problems like pigmentation , acne, and acne scarring...even sun damage. No matter what the laser is IPL....FRAXEL...PHOTODYNAMIC THERAPY please tell me if you have had positive results and how positive seems like every post i read all negitive...almost as if it never works....why do they even have this stuff out there!??!!? this is so discouraging
  12. when you do fraxel are you allowed to put BP on post treatment? since your skin is making small wounds and healing i assume bp would irratate it pretty badly. How long would you have to not use BP or harsh products...because I dont want to break out really bad by not using my normal acne products
  13. they dont want a cure...they make BANKKKK of acne products.......