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  1. I have about 2 active zits which seem to be healing too nd r just tiny red bumps.. Rest are redmarks and lot of hyperpigmentation. Differin has definately helped to fade the red marks little bit but they are still very noticable..Do u think that taz(being a stronger retniod) will have a greater effect on red marks/hypepigmentation?
  2. I have been on Differin Cream For 8 weeks..My derm prescribed taz today..Shud i expect an intial breakout with it?
  3. Hi Pezalicious, I started Differin Cream on 18th August. I have been on it for exatly 7 weeks like u and my acne is at its worse now. I have acne where i had none before.. Dont worry coz u r not alone.. Hang in there coz it will get better.. Most people who get clear by week 7 are on differin gel which i slightly stronger then the cream version. For people on cream version it will take slightly longer to see improvement.
  4. I knew this girl in my high skool who was wot i will call m "pet girl" for a lack of better word..But its not importan wot i call her..Whats important is that back in the day she used to be all over me and i kinda ignored her n even once made fun of her ass in front of her frnds.. Then after high skool she moved to New jersey(i m still stuck in NY).. We used to talk to each other over the phone.. During that time period i also developed moderate acne(i had none during high skool).. So last week
  5. Acne seem to have ruined my life. I never had bad acne during my high skool but my acne started getting worse when i hit 20. Current Regimen: Morning: 1. Wash face with either Cetaphil senstive skin cleanser or Pupose gentle cleaner. 2. Cleocin T gel 3. Neutrogena health skin Spf 15 4. Sometimes i use Aloe vera gel to fade the red marks Night: 1. Wash face with either Cetaphil senstive skin cleanser or Pupose gentle cleaner. 2. Differi
  6. chefmate

    Farva's Log

    Hi farva, I started using Differin cream and Clindamysin on 18th aug too ... n the funny thing is that i aslo didnt get any new pimple for the last few days.. Plz keep me updated with ur progress.
  7. ^^^^ If you carefully apply a pea sized amount to all acne prone area , differin is then absorbed by your face and by the time you wake up you will feel as if you didnt apply anythign to your face.. If you still have a greasy face by the morning then it means that u r using more differin then the required amount. .
  8. Yea i got the same question too..Any Help?
  9. Hi tap, This is ma regimen Morning Wash with cetaphil face Wash Then Apply ACV on red marks AFter that i apply Clindamyscin gel Then Neutrogena healthy lotion with alph hydroxy Night Acv then Differin Should i take ACV out?
  10. I having been using the 50/50 soultion for few days and today i tried putting the pure ACV on my face. Now the skin around my lips is all burnt..I have brown skin and the skin around my lips look dark brown..I look like a chimp now..Thanx ACv
  11. I was wondering if anyone knows which store carries DDF products?
  12. I got Heinz ACV(5 % acidity) today..I dont know if its the ideal one?..
  13. In the morning i use climadycin gel..so i can put neutrogena healthy lotion on climadysin?
  14. i am a little concerned about using nuetorgena heatly lotion(one that got glcolic acid) on my face after applying differin..I have read it somewhere that i cant.. can anyone confirm this?
  15. Can i put a thin layer of benzoyl peroxide on my face after i apply cleocin gel, so that the bacteria on my face dont get immune to the cleocin gel ..?...i hope it wont burn my face