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  1. i think tazorac stopped working on my face.. it was all going well but now i dont think its doing its job anymore and my face is still bad.. its better than before for sure, but not GREAT like it should be.. ive been on it for like 3 months and my face is still OILY :/ should i go back to the derm and ask for something else?/ can u recomend any medicines?? my acne is moderate.. and i actually have more scars than active acne
  2. im experiencing this kind of... ive been on it for 7 weeks now, and its great.. like today my face looks sooo much cleaner, and with lessss acne and less red marks. However, i broke out on the right side of my face (lower side).. im sure theyll go away soon. STAY POSITIVE, GIVE IT TIME, AND STICK WITH THE TREATMENT.
  3. im really glad its working great for u!, its working pretty well for me also, and yeah it is sooo much better than differin!! good luck with the rest of ur journey :]
  4. i got some acne cysts injected yesterday,,, does anyone here know how long it takes for them to get flat? or reduce in size?? thanks in advance
  5. hey! i went back to the derm today, she loved my face :] hahah she looked at me and said she DEFINATELY did not need to try accutane yeayuhhhhh! im really happy with the results, and its only been 6 weeks!! im on week 7 :] however,,,,, she injected the cysts that i had.. i asked her to inject them, so im happy, cuz now theyll be flat :] could not be happier with the results so far,,,, and whats to come!!
  6. HEY! ive been on taz also.. ive been using it for 6 weeks now (im on my 6th week now :]) so far, so good.. i have moderate acne... mostly red marks, which taz seems to fade away pretty well.. taz does make my skin feel a little greasy, but its working pretty well, so its ok.. I do tend to get clear, and then break out again, which could be annoying but i stil have about 2 months left in order to see optimal results.. dont give up!
  7. PLEASE.. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE GIVE IT TIME. thats the only way you are gonna see results. KEEP UP WITH IT. take ur antibiotics and put ur solutions and creams as instructed. u have to do this everyday in order to get results. Ive been on antibiotics, tazorac gel, and a solution also.. im on week 6 of this whole treatment and im seeing results... but its taken 6 WHOLE weeks of the routine.. if u break it, its not going to work at all.. dont expect acne to disappear in a week, much less in a month! g
  8. hey guys, i hope everything is going well for most of u... im on week 6 of the treatment.. just moving on.. face is ok.. a lot better than before.. my red marks have reduced which is awesome.. my appointment is finally next week, and thats when my derm is gonna decide whether or not to put me on accutane.. ill let u guys know :]
  9. hey! quick question... my main problem on my face are scars.. i have more scars than active acne.. i probably have around 70% scars, and 30% active acne, if not less active acne.. im using tazorac rite now,. ive been on it for 5 weeks.. my face is better, but not a lot better.....im going to my derm next week... my question is: is accutane good for me? even if my main problem are scars??????? my derms gonna decided whether i should go on accutane or not next week..
  10. today is the end of week 5!! no active zits. FINALLY. maybe one... thats it tho.. but i still have the cysts.. which im thinking im gonna get injected sometime.. but yeah, so far, my face is ok.. better than when i started.. im going to the derm in about 2 more weeks, and she'll tell me if i have to go on accutane, or stay with taz, and my antibiotics.
  11. yupp u just got the IB, i got it the first week, and my face loooked TERRIBLE. It was all red, irritated, and with a lot more pimples (in places i did not usually get any).. dont wry, it should all start to get better in the next few weeks.. but u have to remember u have to stick to the treatment for at least 8-12 weeks to see any REAL results.. dont expect to be clear within 1-2 months.. cuz it aint gonna happen... not even ACCUTANE works that fast.. hope this helped u answer some of ur questio
  12. u should only use a small amount all over ur face (pea size), and a tube will last anywhere from 1 1/2-2 months. good luck!
  13. yeah im trying it alrite. lol congrats for all of those hoo have used taz and had success... ive used it for a month, but my face is still pretty bad, altho not as bad as before.