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  1. "The ingredients are as follows: yohimbine hcl, aloe vera gel, distilled water, japanese peppermint oil, glycerine, caffeine anahydrous, potassium. " thats what you wrote... PEPPERMINT OIL.... maybe u need to remember what u write first...
  2. hey fatman_uk... i like the bike... thanks for changing it! 1st... tin, thats a bunch of crap right there... if you are retianing water, removing it topically DOES NOT WORK... ask any pmsing chick and she'll tell you... (although drinking lots of water does help...twisted science, dont ask) besides, if you want to use a topical FAT burner, water is not exactly your problem, now is it? fatman_uk... the peppermint will probably irritate your skin... now i'd love to have a topical fat burner
  3. have you ever tried to wash a greasy pan with just water? if your face is oily even just a little, you need a cleanser... water alone will not (effectively) wash away the excess oil.
  4. hey njacobs... any way you look at it, you are better off by cutting out trans fats (hydrogenated fats) from your diet. its obvious how they affect your health overall (increase "bad cholesterol - LDL - low density lipoprotein, decrease HDL, high density lipoprotein, the good kind, increase risk of coronary artery disease, etc etc etc.), I wouldn't be surprised to hear that they affect acne as well. Trans fats are known to increase insulin resistance. I am not going into a discussion of the pan
  5. lol...of course i meant carbs.. and while we are at it, the "face" was supposed to be "fact" and "adn" was supposed to be "and"... anything to make you happy...
  6. it drives me crazy when people who have no scientific background post their opinions on things like these. if you know ANYTHING about acne, you would NEVER claim such things in the first place... 1st about refined carbs... any kind of carbohydrate you eat is broken down by your body into a form of carbohydrate that it can absorb (as not all forms can be absorbed). the reason why refined carbs are considered "bad" is the face that the body does not have to do much to break them down (to be abso
  7. sometimes it is better to pick (PROPERLY) than not to. skin can tolerate a small amount of irritation (you squeezing your acne PROPERLY) but it cannot tolerate longterm irritation without scaring (you having acne that takes forever to go away). people who tell you to "leave your face alone", do they think about what they are saying? if you have a LARGE blemish thats really red and inflamed, the bacteria that's living underneath your skin in that big inflamed blemish is DAMAGING your skin...it's
  8. from a scientific perspective that's crap (the conclusions they jump to and the way they argue their point). first of all, the reason why, for example, foods like blueberries are said to be healthy is their high content of ANTI-oxidants (anti is latin for against). It's true that bacteria are anaerobic (don't like oxygen), but if the product they use is an oxidazing agent (causes free radical formation), then it's actually BAD for your skin. Also, there is no concrete evidence that oxygen can af
  9. thebill...that was hillarious....i laughed my ass off... you summarized it all nicely
  10. that to "alter you" makes no sense.... i meant to warn you... doing too many things at the same time... bah...
  11. in response to wendy's post... i am aware of the side effects of accutane. i don't think depression is something one should mess with (ie. if you become depressed, you should not continue the treatment), however, there are many side effects that topical treatments have (and we are rarely ever told about those). when i was on the regimen i described above, i had insomnia the whole time and it continued for a while after i discontinued the use of the products. Although this is not something that
  12. Wendy, thanks for sharing the info concerning Paula's products. I have to say, she really does sound sencere and everything she says makes sense, (both from a medical and logical perspective). However, I still think it's too much work:), but I am glad to know it works for you. a.
  13. whoknows, I am sorry to hear that your daughter has skin problems as well. Mine started around the time I was 13, and unfortunately, things will not get better if you don't do anything/wait. I've been told numerous times that accutane is not for me, but that's a load of BS. First of all, clogged pores MAY have to do with the function of sebaceous (oil producing) glands. IF the glands are over-producing sebum, while at the same time the cell turnover is somehow impaired (in other words, if new
  14. try "Revlon New Complexion Concealer", oil free (the solid stick one, not the fluid one with the lipgloss-like applicator.... well, I personally prefer the solid one).
  15. Phillips' Milk of Magnesia (the original which is sugar free; also, make sure you get the original one and not one of the flavored ones - peppermint for example can be irritating) can be found at pretty much and drugsore. It's usually used to treat stomach problems, but it DOES work for oily skin and it's soothing too. With a cotton pad, apply the milk of magnesia to your face, let it sit for at least 10 minutes, then wash it off (at night).