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  1. I Love Cetaphil

    Day 82

    The clear up game is real. Haven't had any new big breakouts for a week now, just small whiteheads here and there. Red marks are slowly going away, but my face definitely looks more presentable now.
  2. I Love Cetaphil

    Day 78

    Skin is really starting to clear up! All of my acne is slowly fading away. Definitely the best my skin has been since my first initial breakout. A recap of how I'm getting through this: Sunscreen is not optionalIf you take hot showers, rinse off your problem areas with cold water to close the pores- this helps me prevent whiteheadsMoisturize well, but not too thick because not letting your skin breathe causes irritation and acneI had the most Accutane moment yesterday- I couldn't find my backpa
  3. Rule #1: Don't ask online forums for advice that could greatly affect your life, ask your dermatologist or at least your own family members. My opinion: You've probably read a lot of horror stories simply because people who have suffered from severe side effects are a very vocal minority. Accutane does come with risks, just like other medications, but if you decide that the 95% chance of curing acne forever is greater than the <1% chance of severe side effets, then go for it.
  4. I Love Cetaphil

    Day 76

    Face is starting to look better, only 2 or 3 whiteheads on my entire face. The rest are some raised bumps and redness. Honestly don't know if this is the end or not, but optimism can't hurt. I'm slowly regaining my self confidence and feeling better about myself. I'm just so glad to be so far into treatment and seeing great results on my back and chest, and now I just wait with confidence for my face to clear. What a great era to be a teenager with acne.. I shudder to think of what I would be s
  5. I Love Cetaphil

    Day 75

    Haven't posted in a while; my skin has been weird this past week. There's no more cysts on my face, just a few whiteheads. Scarring is still pretty bad though. It feels as if there isn't any acne on my face (i can flex the muscles on my face without pain) which is a great improvement from the huge initial breakout a few weeks ago. Small forehead breakout yesterday. I'm hoping this month 3 is the month my face clears, since my back and chest show almost no signs of acne anymore. It's weird, becau
  6. I Love Cetaphil

    Day 65

    Sorry I haven't posted for a week. Too much stuff going on. After a horrible breakout around day 50, things are starting to clear up: Redness is going awayForehead is clearing up from around a 6 cyst breakoutCheeks are clearing from an uncountable amount of cysts and whiteheads (20+ on each side)Back and chest are completely clear I generally feel better about myself, but sometimes I can be SUCH A BITCH. And I'm a guy too, so my friends are like "dude chill". For me, the perfect routine right
  7. I'm in nearly the exact same boat as you- I started breaking out REALLY BAD around day 50-ish. It was hard to eat because my face hurt so much. I'm at around day 66 ish and I've really started clearing up. All my active acne is nearly gone and there are only uninflamed whiteheads left behind. Clear skin is near for you! This is the final stretch
  8. I Love Cetaphil

    Day 58

    Started 80 mg a day because I got my prescription. I started swimming, so eating fat with my pill is easy now - We're talking about 1,500 calorie dinners. This pill better be absorbing completely. Surprisingly, my skin hasn't been that dry. No peeling or flaking, just acne going away. No new acne AT ALL. My face still has pimples on it, but just ones that have been there for a while and are starting to go away. Sans my acne, my face is very smooth. I'm not nearly as self-conscious anymore, an
  9. I Love Cetaphil

    Day 54

    posting day 54... 2 days after i posted day 53?!?!! yeah i lost track of days, today is day 54. My face has gotten a lot better, the redness has been gone for the past 2 days and I havent noticed any new pimples on my cheek or neck! Plus, and this doesnt seem like much, but my face doesn't hurt anymore! This is huge for me because even though my face looks gross at least I dont feel like I have acne. I'm starting to get to the point where I as a guy have a socially acceptable amount of acne. y
  10. I Love Cetaphil

    Day 53

    So apparently the absorption rate of Accutane is doubled when you take the pill with a meal with 20g of fat. So I'm gonna start taking the pill at dinnertime, which is usually my heaviest meal. Got my blood test in the morning, my fear of needles is nonexistent now. Face hurts today, nothing much has really changed, but I haven't noticed any new acne.
  11. I Love Cetaphil

    Day 52

    Starting at day 52.. becuase why not right on 40 mg/day for 2 months, will be going onto 80 mg for my 3rd month So far i'm in the middle of a huge IB, we're talking about 10 whiteheads on each cheek and redder than Donald Trump. Although my acne is considered severe, 1. I'm a guy, so nobody really cares and 2. I'm usually a class clown so even less people could care about how I look. That's been the main strategy i've had in staying strong the past 1 1/2 months along with reading acne.org blog
  12. I definitely hope you are one of those lucky people that don't get an IB. I'm just now healing from the biggest IB ever! At least I'm a guy so people don't really judge me for it... gender equality right
  13. I'm on day 49 and i haven't had any back pains recently. I had trouble sleeping from back pains during month 1 though
  14. My skin is super dry too, and i'm supposed to go to 80mg from 40mg on day 60! (i'm on day 49 right now)
  15. Hi all, I am a swimmer in high school that just started training for the new season. I swim 3 hours per day, of distances upwards of 7,000 yards. It's a very nice facility with very clean, chlorinated water. Because of this, I'm assuming soaking in chlorine water for 3 hours a day helps a lot with killing all the bacteria in my pores. Dry skin isn't a huge problem because I have some good moisturizers. What I'm wondering is, I have 2 acne gels at home: Epiduo(BP and adapalene), and Ziana(.02