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  1. I'm doing my best to file through some of these forums and Im getting mixed answers about whether birth control is a must with this prescription or not. Personally, Im not a fan of birth control pills. I feel like a crazy woman when Im on them. I get that they suggest you take it with Spiro to regulate your period. But personally, I dont care if the period is at the start or end of a month or whatever. I just hate the side effects of birth control. Anyone taking Spiro by itself?
  2. Tetracycline gave me painful acid reflux! It tore my throat up! Minocycline is a lot more gentle on my stomach. They work about the same though, taking about three months to see progressive results.
  3. The most I've heard of taking minocycline is twice a day (at what strength Im not sure). If it's not severe you can take Minocycline every other day for maintenance of acne. You dont always have to take it round the clock. My suggestion based on MY experience is you can take two pills a day to get the stuff in your system.... it takes three months to see a change in your skin. You can at that point back off to one pill a day or one pill every other day. Then again if your acne is more mild, m
  4. Im 28, and I've been dealing with acne since I was 17. Thankfully I dont scar terribly otherwise I'd look a lot worse. I've used Minocycline and Tetracycline off and on for years. It takes about three months for them to be inside your body to work. Then it takes about another three months of using them for the natural process of your skin to exfoliate the damage and produce clear and healthy skin cells. I stopped Tetracycline because of acid reflux ( a known side effect). Minocycline is more
  5. I've been on Minocycline for at least two years (I'm 28). When I was in high school I took tetracycline for years off an on until I developed side effects. Mostly painful acid reflux! I've not experienced any major side effects (from Mino) other than... my skin has looked really dry. In order for skin to appear youthful it needs to look dewy and plump with moisture. When you dry it for years at a time you get a look, other than acne, that you dont want. Im also working on getting off it... Di
  6. Im trying to ween myself off minocycline. I've been taking it for about two years- and we all know the prolong use of antibiotics can lead to an immunity of them. I've also noticed over all dryness in my skin and body. As part of that natural flora in my gut is probably pretty low. Im scared about acne flare ups of course. Im considering using Spiro but I hear you have to use that in conjunction with birth control (which Im not fond of). All of this pill popping keeps you from absorbing certa
  7. I came across this forum by accident when I was doing personal research on hormones and acne. I've been on minocycline for years (I'm currently 28 years old) and I've been trying to find something different to use. Mostly because antibiotic use, long term, can be hard on your body and you build an immunity to them. That and my face feels/looks too dry and I still break out on my chin, neck, and jawline. The other thing I've noticed is unwanted hair (yes, whiskers) on my chin. I pluck them con
  8. Acne became a problem for me when I started high school. My first visit to a dermatologist was not only about my acne but also some mild psorisis around my nose. When the dermatologist told me that there was something I COULD do for my acne I almost started to cry. It was mostly concentrated on my chin and in the corners of my mouth. But otherwise my whole "T" zone as they call it was infected. After three to six months of tertacycline and azelex cream my face recovered. I had this flawless,
  9. How much sunlight is in your mirror? Depending exactly on how light hits your face you will see some things more noticeably. In direct light shining straight onto your face you will see nothing cause the scars dont cast shadows. However if you turn your face slightly where light is shining on one side, the scars cast shadows and you can see them better. I've practiced this in the mirror believe it or not. Or get a flashlight and shine it at different angles upon your face. No ones face is per
  10. I have the bad habit of picking my face as well. I feel like I scored a goal in some game when I get one popped and its makes this squishy snapping noise and flies across the room. Gross, I know... but its feels good knowing its out of my face. I told myself not to pick my face for the next month... couldnt do it. Then I told myself only pick on the black heads... couldnt do it. Then I told myself, only pick on the meanest looking ones... see a theme here? What I realize is that I need a m
  11. My acne has become more aggresive in my early twenties and never before have I seen this newer type of acne "after effect". I guess you might call them a very very shallow version of ice pick scaring. They usually appear in clusters (after the pus/pimple has gone away) and they are the size of an enlarged pore or tip of a pin. They are slightly darker then my overall skin color. They FEEL smooth but if the light catches them right I can tell they are tiny indentions. Normally I may not even noti