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  1. I should also add that I started taking Betaine HCL. I was starting to suffer from some heartburn and suspected that my stomach acid was low and that I was not properly digesting my food. So here is a summary of what I did: 1. DO NOT TAKE Antibiotics 2. strict keto diet (low carb; achieving ketosis) 3. No milk products; especially no milk-based protein powder, such as those with whey. 4. Daily probiotics 5. Daily bone broth as my first food in the morning (Kettle and
  2. Yes, apparently people can have acne for their entire lives! Unfortunately. Brand and model of the probiotics and fish oil you take I take any probiotics that I happen to buy. I change types so that I get a mix of different bacteria. Your keto diet resources My main keto resource is Thomas Delauer's youtube channel. Bet the general rule is ... don't eat anything that is not meat, fish or low carb vegetables. A typical meal would be steak, broccoli
  3. I plan to stay on this diet forever. I find that when I eat a keto diet, I can stay at my optimal weight. Also, when I am in ketosis (the result of eating a keto diet for at least 2 weeks or up to 4 weeks), I don't get hungry and I don't have cravings for sweets. I believe that a keto diet is the healthiest, so I don't think that it is a coincidence that staying on a keto diet got rid of my acne. But I believe that the combination of insulin spikes and growth factor (from milk products) were
  4. I wanted to paste a description of what I am doing into this reply, but the paste function doesn't seem to work, so I will just put the my short answer... After 40 years of trying to beat acne, I finally did it with this diet: I eat ONLY: Meat/fish olive oil Coconut oil MCT Lemon juice Salad greens Coffee Heavy cream Butter Eggs Avocado Bone broth Dijon mustard Blueberries Macadamia nuts Sauerkraut with live cultures I eat high-fat, low carb, medium protein. I am two we