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  1. i am so confused! i thought mineral make up was good for your skin! i have just been reading loads of articles saying that mica is comedegenic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. i am so upset. i have, 13 days ago just finished a 16 week accutane course. 6 weeks 40mg 10 weeks 60mg. i am a 26 year old female 73 kg. i dont think anything is gonna work for me. i have 4 new spots including my dreaede cheek ones which have left all the scars in the past. i was only clear for the last 4 weeks of the course and it feels i have never been clear due to red maks and scars. is this because thecorse was to weak?short? grrrrrrrrrrrrr i am so sad, just want to turn off the ligh
  3. well saw the derm today and she increased me to 60mg a day so good. she was suprised it was still worsening though. she did say i have pescribed th e rest of your course which is 10 weeks so i will only be doing 16 weeks in total. is this the NHS being cheap skates? i have read so much about minimum acummalitive dosage and i will obviously be falling short. are there any good research articles supporting this, i could then take this to her. it also says to take the three capsules at once. i w
  4. when should i be worried that accutane is making my skin worse. i am on 40mg a day and weigh 73kg. i have been on it for 6 weeks and last week i had a huge break out, more than i ever have had! when should i expect improvement. i initially thought i was improving, my skin easnt greasy, i didnt have to wash my hair etc. this week my skin has become oily my hair greasy after a day and huge break outs. i really dont want to be the one this fails on. my skin was mild- moderate.
  5. ok sooooooooooooooooooooo annoyed! i am now covered in angry spots!am nearly 6 weeks in and it just seems to get worse and worse. i have never seen my skin this bad. Is this normal. the spots are almost like blisters, yuck. my whole face looks horrible yuck yuck. i am so pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! has any one else experienced this?i started off with no active and now i have about 30!
  6. i know i shouldnt but it is so hard!but i cant walk around with pus, plus spots that i have not touched stay as red marks as well!
  7. Ok have been on accutane for nearly to weeks and every pore has turned into a huge blackhead so and a lovely picking session!whilst i was at it i decided to needle and drain 4 inflammed pustles which are so sore now! why must i pick!but i cant walk around with gross white pus on my face!dilemas dilemas!
  8. I am currently on 40mg of accutane and split is so i take one tablet twice a day. is iit better to take it in one go or split the dose?my derm didnt specify. thanks
  9. Well started my accutane course today! I have one question already. I am on 40mg a day is it better to take it in one or two doses? I have had aheadache and felt sick most of the day-probably in my head! I am quite concerned as it sounds a tough journey and typically i have nothing active at the mo. Plus its christmas celebration time from now on-why is alcohol limited? By the way i am a 26 female who has had mild-moderate acne for 8 years and have tried everything. Am currently on dianette
  10. i really feel for you!i under stand!i am getting married in 7 weeks and although i dont have too many spots i have lots of red marks and scars from persisting with the DKR for too long!i am so upset and depressed but i will try to heed the words of the person who gave the advice just enjoy your day!i hope they retouch photos in cyprus! good luck and just get some antibiotics!
  11. People you have to try it!honestly i am so depressed with my skin lately but when i wore this at the weekend it made such a differnce! in fact i couldnt believe what my skin looked like after i took the make up off-hideous, i had forgotten throught out the day!
  12. i am grateful for colorstay!i tried it out at the weekend and even though i am hideously broken out people commented on my glowing skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Dianette sucks!!!!!!!!i started in this place with the DKR for 4 months back in aug which messed my skin up.went on dianette in nov. initially made me worsewhich has left me scars which i have beeen obsessing about as i had no spots!for the past few weeks i have really broken out and am so oily!(not that it ever really decreased the oil!)has it stopped working after afew months?!will i get back on track?!