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  1. So for a few weeks I've had these big red bumps which were quite sore across both cheeks so I assumed they were just cysts but they never came to a head now they're virtually evened out with my skin tone but still bumpy and tender. What are they I've never had this before? And how do I rid of them?
  2. Apologies for what will be a long post blame my useless doctor that won't give me any advice at all only the usual "it's because of your age" another thing that makes me furious is most of my acne is self inflicted as I will explain. Bare in mind my lifestyle and diet is very healthy and I don't touch my face etc. I'm 17 and I've had acne for about 4/5 years at first it was very mild and turned moderate when I was about 14, after I stopped dabbling with products like quinoderm and ziynert and
  3. Although not as severe as a lot of people on here my marks are really starting to affect me to the point where how good my day is depends on when I look in the mirror in the morning, I've been breaking out for years and finally stopped about a month and a half ago. I just feel like they are extremely noticeable especially under certain lights. Will they fade by summer? Btw my phones camera fades them a bit but when I see a reflection In public they are bright pink and cover my face.
  4. So I've been struggling with acne for many years, I'm 17 now and I think it started around the same time I started puberty so about 10/11. For the first few years it was very mild so barley acne just a couple spots and climaxed quite bad all over my face when I was 15 and completely went away but for some reason flared up again the next summer and has gotten worse than ever. It's gotten to the point where my mood everyday depends on how I look in the mirror in the morning and I feel frustrated a