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  1. Don't despair! Initial breakouts are common on CSR (ugh DKR) so what you are going through is probably normal. If you want, list what you are doing and using to get feedback if you are doing anything 'wrong'. I know it really sucks to wait this out, but hang in there, OK?
  2. The sal. acid wash is very harsh on your face and probably the reason that you are breaking out still. That seems like a sure one for me. The other potential problem is the "random' moisturizer that you are using. I would definitely look into using a different one-one with safe ingredients/ If you can't get another moisturizer, definitely change to a gentle face wash and that might make all the difference
  3. Yes, it's ok, I do that sometimes after waxing and it does keep breakouts down. HTH
  4. I struggled so hard with neck probs and have found that trying the same approaches and quantities you use on your face is guaranteed to make things worse. What worked for me was to stop all treatments on my neck for about 3-4 weeks to let the irritation settle and then slowly add the use of products. for example, my neck is totally clear now that I use Paula's choice salicylic acid 2% liquid once a week or so. That's all my neck can take otherwise it will breakout. It sucks because I would
  5. I've tried this approach twice and I can't get it to work. However, today I experimented with applying the minerals with a slightly wet brush and it gave heavier, but really nice coverage. (I use EDM intensive and semi-matte)
  6. Update: this month I took Aleve (generic) the 3 days (AM and PM) before I expected my period and a couple of times once it started. Guess what? No breakouts at all! Not even the threat of a breakout. I have not had a problem with stomach discomfort, but I always take it with food. So excited, will report back next month!
  7. Please research BHA on Paula Begoun's websites or read snowqueen's posts here on finding a good BHA. Essentially it's important to find a BHA in a solution of a certain Ph. Otherwise it the product could be useless or even make your situation worse. I know the one I use is good, but there is another that is available over the counter that is good also. Also, the skincare forum at makeupalley.com can give you some recommendations.
  8. The PC would be comparable to a toner-it's liquid that you pat onto your skin. My skin handles it very well. I have read that the SA helps the BP absorb into your skin better, but cannot say for sure. All I know is it works for me.
  9. I agree with Brandy that you should give the DKR a good three months at least before changing. I did introduce Paula's Choice 2% liquid into my regimen VERY slowly and now consider it essential to my regimen as it exfoliates and helps prevent/eliminate clogged pores. My regimen is here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=128876
  10. Some of the best mineral makeups are online - price and quality. I use Everyday Minerals. (everydayminerals.com) They offer a variety of payment options. If you are in the states, you can call them toll-free and they will help you with payment, I'm sure. They also ship internationally.
  11. I used it for over year and really liked it. Once I started the CSR, I questioned whether my makeup was making me breakout, so I started using Mineral makeup instead. I guess you could try it and see, but I know I won't go back to using it b/c I prefer MMU
  12. Holy crap. I'm not a violent person, but I would smack the shit out of those bitches.
  13. Me- I'm waiting LOL. I just ordered yesterday! I ordered my second starter kit from Everyday Minerals. In that I am looking forward to trying the semi-matte foundation and the light pink blush as an all over face highlighter! I ordered the starter set b/c it's so much cheaper to order sets from them. waiting...waiting...waiting....
  14. No-I do not beleive everyone suffers this effect. I did not experience redness. The one time I did experience tightness was because I started using more BP too fast. When I backed off and used moisturizer, my skin stablized. The key is to go really slowly, I think.
  15. I wanted to share my success with everyone and thank Dan, the moderators, and everyone who has been so kind as to share information, support and advice. I began CSR on July 24 and have been clear for almost 2 months! I noticed differences about 3 weeks in, but my first totally clear week came after being on the regimen for 2.5 months. Regimen: AM - Wash: Oil of Olay cleansing cloths Treat: Paula's Choice 2% BHA* Treat: Neutrogena On the Spot Moisturize and protect: Eucerin SPF 30 Moisturizer
  16. If you are going to dye ALL your hair you can probably do it or find a girl who has done it before. However, if you just want to do the fringe, go to the salon because the hairdresser will have to match it. It probably won't cost much since it's just the bangs.
  17. this is a very thoughtful and important discussion and I have not finished reading through the thread, but I wanted to point out that proper use of a good sunscreen is important in reducing red marks, a major concern of Regimen users. The aggravates red marks, making them last longer.
  18. Glad you all are doing this. I also will be trying to add an anti-aging products after a couple more months of the Regimen. (what ever its called now, DKR).
  19. Wow, I leave for a week, and the world as we know it goes upside down! LOL I think it should be called the "Clear Skin Regimen-That-Really-Works-Because-All-That-Other-Stuff Is-Crap" (CSRTRWBATOSIC).
  20. Ok, no judging. It's your body, your decision. I do respect that you have the character to stick to it despite all the pressures. That being said, I have to disagree that you only learn whether someone is a good lover by having sex with them. Even when it is a one-time thing, there is so much more to sex than the physical. If you are open to it, it does allow you to see people differently/more deeply. It also sheds light on another aspect of yourself. This is true even if it is a one ni
  21. Depends on how you are using it. Are you using it alone as a moisturizer --- I would say 4 drops max. If you are adding it to a moisturizer 1-2 drops. There a few different ways to use it, but I know if you use too much people complain of being greasy and some break out. You should not feel greasy after using it.
  22. Hi, I'm not clear on how many weeks you've been on it total, but I'd say stick with it. I know it's discouraging to get the breakouts, but give CSR a good long while to work before moving on. Maybe you should post your regimen, exactly what you are doing and others can comment to see if there is a problem.
  23. The SA loosens the gunk in your pores. Sometimes the pores will clear by themselves, but mostly the crap needs to be extracted. After this, the role of the SA is to keep the pores from getting clogged. I use a tweezerman skin tool (blackhead extractor). If you go to the makeupalley.com productville section, you can read reviews about it and how to use it. Definitely use it carefully, after a steamy shower and only on the pores that are loose, because you can scar yourself. HTH Oh, also, be
  24. I had the same thoughts when I started. I worried that it would all be in my head when i "noticed a difference" So I used the SA only on one side of my face for 5 weeks or so. There was definitely a difference. Now I am using it on my whole face and the side that I started later is starting to catch up. I think this is really the only way you can objectively tell if it's working.
  25. I did have an initial breakout, but it was as bad as the acne I was usually getting so no big deal. What I mean is that my skin cleared, then it broke out and then it became clear again. I did not have any redness or flaking. Well, I had one day of flaking so I gently rubbed the flakes off and used less BP. No problems.